Twitter Bookmarks feature appears in beta on Android

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Back in October,Twitter announced plans to add a feature that allows its users to save tweets for later. The feature was referred to as “Save For Later,” but its in-app name will actually be “Bookmarks.” With Bookmarks, a user can privately save specific tweets, a feature the company says has been a frequent request from users.

The idea behind a bookmarking feature is that users can easily save tweets to review later; this eliminates the need to “like” them so that they’re easier to return to. Key here is that the bookmarking feature is private, plus simple to use. Assuming you have the latest Android beta version, you can use the feature now.

In the beta app, tap the carrot in the upper right corner of a tweet to reveal its menu. Amid the options is a new entry called “Add Tweet to Bookmarks.” Tap that and the tweet will be bookmarked for later. A bar will appear at the bottom of the screen stating that the tweet has been saved, as well as providing a quick link to jump straight to your saved tweets.

You can, of course, access the saved tweets without actively saving a new one. To do that, open the app’s main menu and tap the “Bookmarks” entry located beneath Moments. The app will take users directly to their feed of saved tweets, enabling them to check out what everyone is saying without others knowing they’ve saved the particular status for later.

The feature’s appearance in the beta app means we’ll likely see it go live for all Android users in the near future; when it will arrive on other platforms is unclear. Assuming you’ve been invited to participate, you can find the Twitter Android beta app on the Google Play Store here .

SOURCE: 9to5Google


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