Twitter Digest 2018 Week 03


WOW #milestone:
391 Pythonistas have solved 1,000 Bites, writing 18,003 lines of code. Join us at…

— Pybites (@pybites) January 14, 2018

How to visualize #traffic
flow with a dynamic 2D histogram in #Python.

— Randy Olson (@randal_olson) January 09, 2018

RT @TalkPython:
Want to create a voice assistant app? Check out @talkpython
Building Alexa Skills with Python and Flask with @ericcho…

— Michael Kennedy (@mkennedy) January 12, 2018

RT @MrYongpradit:
By understanding basics such as – algorithms, data structures, networks, etc – we can prep kids for any future, AI or wha…

— (@codeorg) January 10, 2018

FiPy is a Finite Volume PDE solver written in Python

— Scientific Python (@SciPyTip) January 12, 2018

RT @dbader_org:
:snake::newspaper: What’s the best way to reverse a string in Python? Learn and compare 3 approaches in this brand new tutorial: https://t.…

— (@RealPython) January 09, 2018

tip: zip() with star-arguments is great for transposing 2-D data: >>> m = [(1, 2, 3), (4, 5, 6)] >>> list(…

— Raymond Hettinger (@raymondh) January 11, 2018

How to parse complex text files using Python? [Score:13]

— Python StackOverflow (@PythonStack) January 10, 2018

RT @miguelgrinberg:
Part 6 of the new Flask Mega-Tutorial is up on the blog!

— Pybites (@pybites) January 09, 2018

How to build a Serverless URL shortener using AWS Lambda and S3

— Full Stack Python (@fullstackpython) January 13, 2018

cutelog – GUI for Python’s logging module

— Python Trending (@pythontrending) January 12, 2018

Orrequest access to our Slack Channel and have a Pythonic chat with our community!:

RT @kentcdodds:
Teaching is the best way to solidify your understanding. Looking for opportunities? – Stack Overflow – Community Chat – Gi…

— matt harrison (@__mharrison__) January 12, 2018

Almost due: Code Challenges #47
– PyBites First Year in Data (Special)
– PR your data analy…

— Pybites (@pybites) January 14, 2018

RT @bitfield:
Q: Is my Kubernetes cluster vulnerable to #Spectre?
A: Yes. Yes, it is. kubectl run -it spectre –image bitfield/spectre:0.2…

— Anthony Shaw (@anthonypjshaw) January 14, 2018

Trying to find a bug in your script? Rerun it with pdb as follows python -m pdb ( and output…

— Daily Python Tip (@python_tip) January 08, 2018

>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian

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