Dynamic Table Names in Doctrine

Laravel Eloquent: access to properties and dynamic table names

I am using the Laravel Framework and this question is directly related to using Eloquent within Laravel. I am trying to make an Eloquent model that can be used across the multiple different tables. The reason for this is that I have multiple tables t

Create a dynamic table name and table column in SQL Server 2008?

I want to create a dynamic table in SQL Server using dynamic Table name and dynamic Column name. For example: Table name : 01-02-2015 Column names: Id 01 02 03…. 28 When I creating a temp table is OK but I want to create a real Table then I use the

Choose from dynamic table names

Consider this query. SELECT app_label || ‘_’ || model as name from django_content_type where id = 12; name ——————- merc_benz DJango people might have guessed, ‘merc_benz’ is a table name in same db. I want to write some SQL migrations and

Creating timestamps generates an error for the model with the dynamic table name defined in the constructor

I have an Eloquent model with constructor (below), that takes $type param. The types are – let’s say – first, second or third. <?php namespace App; use IlluminateDatabaseEloquentModel; class MyModel extends Model { protected $table; // Define $tab

Dynamic table names for Active Record models

I have an interesting Active Record problem and I’m not quite sure what the cleanest solution is. The legacy database that I am integrating with has a strange wrinkle in its schema where one logical table has been ‘partitioned’ into several physical

Using the Dynamic Table Name in ADO.NET Source Editor

I have an SSIS data flow task where I am trying to load data from a source table using ADO.NET Source Editor into a SQL Server table. The problem: The source table name is dynamic and depends on the current date. Example: If I want to load today’s da

Table Name PHP Doctrine 1.2

I’m trying to upgrade my doctrine ORM from 1.1.6 to 1.2.1 but i’ve enountered a BC issue with table names. Some of my table names have several words (e.g. t_foo_bar for class FooBar) where the t_ prefix is generated automatically with: $manager->setA

Js sails: dynamic table Name in the model

I am building my first sailsjs and nodejs application, and it great :) My situation, I have about 100 tables with the same stucture, I would like to decide “on the fly” which table to load. my first thought was use somehow a dynamic class names.

How to write a mysql function with a dynamic table name?

I’m trying to write a my sql function doing the following things: 1- get the table name used in join as a parameter. but I get mysql syntax error 1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server vers

Is it possible to use dynamic table names in Oracle?

Can I do something like it? SELECT * FROM bd.images_ || ‘2011’ Because I want to do something like this: SELECT x.name, x.year, w.imgblob FROM bd.img_idx x, (SELECT imgblob FROM bd.images_ || x.year WHERE name = x.name) w WHERE x.name = ‘nanananana’

Dynamic table name in pl / sql

I need to select columns from a table Table_A, However there is another table which has the same schema Table_B. The query should determine the from table dynamically. For ex. if Table_A has more rows then use Table_A else use Table_B. Query somethin

As3 movieclip dynamic table name is null

I am using the code below and when I “trace(TheVar);” it is coming out null. Anyone know why? var TheVar:MovieClip; var myArray:Array = [“TheContent”, “TheContent2”]; function RandomM() { trace(myArray.length); var r = Math.r

Php Dynamic Table Name

I am trying to assign values of array by dynamic name I am trying following $arr = array(); $path = ‘arr’.”[‘item’][‘abc’]”; ${$path} = array( ‘name’=>’somename’, ‘other’=>’…’ ); isn’t ${$path} => $arr[‘item’][‘abc’]; also I tried $$p

Spinner android Spinner with dynamic table name

i want to do something like this,Plz help me Spinner spinner = (Spinner) findViewById(R.id.spinner5 ArrayAdapter adapter = ArrayAdapter.createFromResource( this,**R.array.country_array**, android.R.layout.simple_spinner_item); adapter.

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