Overwrite Hyperlink Style in Rails

Pure CSS application of the hyperlink style of Wired.com

Wired’s mobile view (set your user-agent to iOS Safari to see it on desktop) features an elegant twist to the standard underlined hyperlink style: I assumed this was achieved purely by CSS without external graphics, but no: background-image: url(http

Hyperlink style in Openpyxl

In openpyxl, you can set a hyperlink like this: cell.hyperlink = r’..somedirsomefile.txt’ However, this does not apply the hyperlink style that you would get when setting a hyperlink in Excel. You can apply a style with blue text and underlining, b

Edit Hyperlink Style

I’m trying to change a word in a hyperlink text. Let’s say the hyperlink is “foofoofoo”. How to change the middle foo to italics? I’ve tried this: foo



Css overwrite list styles

I have in my rails app reset.css with ul, ol, li { list-style: none; } but i don’t want to have it on some pages,i want to keep it default(default css styles) How can i set default values for it? my div with list


Overwrite Bootstrap style for a single page

I tried overwriting the “margin-bottom: 20px” in .nav by changing the value into “margin-bottom: 0” but it does work. It is only used once for a specific webpage. I don’t know what to do? I still wanto to keep the original value “

Is there a simple way to overwrite a style sheet with an online style?

Given a table that i want to integrate into a cms site, the overall stylesheet overwrites the inline style of the table…how can i prevent the stylesheet from doing it? The table i have looks something like this and gets overwritten by the styleshee

adding background image in style 4 rails

I am trying to add background image on my web page, it was working when I was using plane html, but now I am integrating it to my rails application. I am using this code to embed the image in my rails application <div class="jumbotron" style=

CSS style time_ago_in_words rails

I was wondering what would be the best solution for customising the rails helper: time_ago_in_words, so that I could do things like: 4 hours <span class="

How to overwrite 2 styles of angular styles?

I have this select in angular material: Its code : Descuentos </md-option

Online Style in Rails 4 erb

So I am stuck with a small issue while migrating a legacy project from Rails 3.2 to 4.2 Inside one of our views (erb), the code (Rails 3.2) html_safe(truncate(job_profile.description + ‘ [ ‘ + list.join(‘, ‘) +’ ]</f

Having the problem of keeping the hyperlink style specific to a class / id

I want to apply a different hyper link style to the following two things: Any links within

tags in my #currentpage_content div id. Any links with

tags with a .profile class. It sounds pretty simple but i can’t see to get it right.. I’

Why the hyperlink style does not cascade in CSS?

In the following HTML/CSS, why is the link color green and not blue, i.e. why does “p.description” override “#nav” but “p.description a” does not override “#nav a”? <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.

Overwrite parent style on css

I have the following scenario. I need to customize all links on a website to have an orange background. .have-all-links-orange a{ background-color: #F59522; } however when I do this all images inside an A get the same background, I tried with this bu

Adding Twitter Bootstrap Style to Rails Help

After reading the answer which suggested I use Simple_form gem with bootstrap integration, I installed it and created my form according to simple_form instructions, but the input boxes are floating right. This is the layout. The form is being called

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