Three New Sony Phones Now Available For Pre-Order In US, UK

Three of the newest handset offerings from the smartphone manufacturerSony, the Sony Xperia XA2, the Xperia XA2 Ultra, and the Xperia L2, are now available for pre-order from three retail outlets in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the United States, interested consumers may pre-order the three handsets from the retail outlet Best Buy. The retailer offers the Xperia XA2 for $349.99, and there are four color options to choose from, which are Black, Blue, Pink, and Silver. The Xperia XA2 Ultra is also available for pre-order from Best Buy, and it comes with a price tag of $449.99. Like the Xperia XA2, buyers can also choose among the four color variants although instead of pink, the Xperia XA2 Ultra is available in Gold. The cheapest of the three devices, the Xperia L2, can also be pre-ordered from Best Buy for $249.99, and it is available in black, gold, and pink. It is expected that products will be released in the United States on February 16.

In the United Kingdom, there are at least two retailers where customers can pre-order the three new Sony smartphones. Both Clove and Unlocked Mobile already started pre-orders for the recently unveiled products and Clove mentioned on its website that the Sony handsets should be available by the end of January. The two retail outlets price the Xperia XA2 at £298, the Xperia XA2 Ultra at £378, and the Xperia L2 at £198. However, there will be a number of color variants that will not be available for pre-order on the UK-based retailers at this point. For example, it seems that the pink variant of the Xperia L2 will not be available in both retail outlets, while at this time, consumers can not pre-order the gold models of the Xperia L2 and the Xperia XA2 Ultra through the website of Unlocked Mobile.

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Sony unveiled the SonyXperia XA2, the Xperia XA2 Ultra, and the Xperia L2 a few days ago during CES 2018. The first two smartphones contain the same processor, the Snapdragon 630 chipset, although they differ primarily in the size of the display. The Xperia XA2 sports a 5.2-inch display while the Xperia XA2 Ultra comes with a 6-inch display. On the other hand, theXperia L2 is powered by an unidentified quad-core chipset running at a maximum frequency of 1.5GHz and it sports a 5.5-inch display.

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