F# Weekly #2, 2018 – Don Syme will help Xamarin team to make F# better for mobile and cloud…

Welcome to F# Weekly,

A roundup of F# content from this past week:


In 2018-19 I’m excited to be continuing my F# language design, compiler and tools work while on secondment from Microsoft Research to the Xamarin team mobile+cloud tooling team https://t.co/HOT1qb4LMW .

— Don Syme (@dsyme) January 8, 2018

Videos & Slides

Hey everyone! It’s time our annual developer survey—the world’s largest and most comprehensive! https://t.co/d0n7YcDSkQ

— Joel Spolsky (@spolsky) January 8, 2018

Reply if you are a contributor of an OSS project (no matter how big it is), and are up for mentoring a person to help them through their first PR.

Let’s give this tweet some visibility.

— Lena Hall (@lenadroid) January 13, 2018


F# vNext

Very excited to announce: For the next 2 years, Don Syme @dsyme from Microsoft Research will be with the Xamarin team on an assignment to help us make F# better for mobile and cloud users. Don will be continuing his F# language design and compiler work as a major part of this.

— Miguel de Icaza (@migueldeicaza) January 8, 2018

Hey #fsharp users in Europe – I’d like to hear more about how you use F# for your work! My DMs are open, and my email is phcart at microsoft dot com.

— Phillip Carter (@_cartermp) January 8, 2018

Im official announcing my office hours in the Compiler Channel of the FSSF Slack! #fsharp

I’m talking and discussing about the F# compiler and it’s techniques, collect feedback and try to push it back onto a blog. Moreover I try to pick up a topic each time so it won’t get boring!

— Victor P. R. Müller (@realvictorprm) January 9, 2018

Open source projects

  • FSRazor – F# Parser & Code Generator for Razor View Engine
  • Marquee – An open source Selenium based UI automation library inspired by canopy
  • FsMarbles – Learn, build, and test F# functions on Collections
  • CzechElection – FSharping Sample App

New Releases

The Fable REPL has been updated, check it out! Integration with Monaco (VS Code), error highlighting on the fly, autocompletion and tooltips, everything happening right in your browser (this is a true “serverless” app) https://t.co/BRDz9BfaRA

— Fable (@FableCompiler) January 5, 2018

That’s all for now. Have a great week.

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