Get PHP str_replace to work with Joomla

As you may know, Joomla components enable you to override their output by copying their template files into your site template. Joomla components generally use helper files which cannot be overridden.

I have a helper.php file that includes the string:

$specific_fields_text = ''.$specific_field_title.': '.$specific_fields[$i]->text.' '.$specific_fields[$i]->description.'';

In my template override is the code:

  specific_fields); ?>

The output is as follows:

title value
title value

Basically I want to get rid of the table and turn it into a definition list but I cannot modify the helper.php file. I am thinking that the answer is to do with str_replace

I have tried using:

specific_fields); $spec_fields_dl = str_replace("'.$specific_field_title.': '.$specific_fields[$i]->text.' '.$specific_fields[$i]->description.''", "
'.$specific_fields[$i]->text.' '.$specific_fields[$i]->description.'
'", $spec_fields); echo $spec_fields_dl; ?>

This returns all of the text but with no html tags (no tr, td, dt, etc).

You can easily parse table data with PHP, like in this example:

$doc = new DOMDocument();

$rows = $doc->getElementsByTagName('tr');

$data = array();
for ($i = 0; $i length; $i++) {
    $cols = $rows->item($i)->getElementsbyTagName("td");
    $data[$cols->item(0)->nodeValue] = $data[$cols->item(1)->nodeValue];

var_dump $data;

This should convert your table into assoc array (‘title’ => ‘value’). I hope it helps.

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