Edge for Android updated to include support for adaptive icons, and more

Microsoft released a preview of Edge for Android back in October
, last year. The popular browser came out of Beta on Android a month later
and soon surpassed one million downloads on the Google Play Store
. Now, the application has been updated to version, bringing some interesting new features.

Microsoft announced that this update enhances stability, performance, as well as website compatibility. Along with these general updates, the official changelog mentions the following changes:

  • New reading mode experience
  • Share links and text from other apps to Microsoft Edge
  • Support for Android 8 (“Oreo”) adaptive icons

Sharing text from other apps results in a search for that specific text using the Edge search engine, and support for sharing links has been added as well. Meanwhile, the reading mode has also been overhauled.

Similarly, another new feature is the inclusion of support for adaptive launcher icons. These enable different device models to display different forms of icons, without straying too far from the original look of the device. The icons are then used in the overview screen, shortcuts, sharing dialogues, and in the Settings app. Detailed information regarding this feature is available here

Based on user ratings, the application currently holds a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 on the Play Store. To gain access to the aforementioned features, you can download the latest version of the application here

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