Adding Jquery to my site

Adding jQuery to a third-party page fails

I am trying out a few things, and among those I tried to insert jquery on a site, namely, For some reason, I was not able to able access jQuery even though I was able to successfully append a new script tag to the body elem

structurant javascript / jquery in a site

So I have this website where we have loads of javascript. basically they all run on top of jQuery. The site uses a layout and multiple view files. So the structure is roughly like this: layout.php loadHeader(); loadBody(); loadFooter(); loadHeader()

Adding jQuery Prevents Script Execution

I’m attempting to write a Chrome Extension that places a small script on the target pages, then performs a specific action against items on the page. Being new to Chrome Extensions, I’ve started small with a “Hello World” alert. This works fine,

Adding jQuery to Magento

What is the recommended way to add jQuery (or any script) BEFORE the rest of the scripts that come with Magento using local.xml? I’ve tried to use (in local.xml): <type&g

Adding jQuery touch events to the site for mobile devices

My team is going to be building a lightweight website for use on mobile devices using mobile Webkit. Our current website uses jQuery. I took a look at jQuery Mobile and jQTouch frameworks, and they are geared towards mobile web apps. We don’t need al

Adding jQuery Duplicates Content

I am new to jquery. I need help moving content. I am using the append method. I want to be able to move each of the.links element into each .submitted element within the .node element. Right now append is adding all three .links to each .selected ele

Javascript & ldquo; Insensitive Script & rdquo; Adding Jquery event handlers

I’ve created a little javascript web page for Movember to let users “shave” my beard into a moustache, or completely off. I’ve done this by covering a shaved picture with a grid of divs holding the bearded picture with differing offsets. When a

JQuery AJAX cross-site request under Laravel CSRF protection

I’m building a CMS-like web application using Laravel(back-end) and ReactJS with JQuery(front-end). I decide to put the existing Web API into a separate domain(, and my user interface is on the different domain( On, I

.on event does not work on newly added jquery button

I have a div that contain sample table with one TR

Employer 1 &

Adding jQuery does not add but removes

I have a table like this:


Reading jquery from its site in https

I was using jquery directly from their site, using ‘); and same as for UI javascript. I have moved the dom

JQuery Receives Clicked ID from Added JQuery Data

I am trying to allow for my website to have extras on customers products, i’ve been able to let JQuery add the new extra to the database via AJAX and then append the results to the HTML. But i am having issues with the removal, such as if the custome

Adding jQuery to forms with the same template in MVC3

I am trying to have two submission forms with similar functionality on the same view, where each form is strongly typed to the same model. I then am trying to add a datepicker to the same input on both forms, but I am unsure of how to do this. Here i

The forms dynamically added JQuery array to PHP (CodeIgniter) and return (with errors)

I have a form that has its fields dynamically added as such: function addFieldRow() { $(‘.form-container’).append(‘


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