Starting NodeJS – what code to look for?

We have a whiteboard application powered by NodeJS sitting on a ‘cloud’ server (rackspace cloud). I recently scaled our server up to accommodate for the anticipated traffic with our launch, and in the process it shut down NodeJS. We are launching our product in a few hours, and our NodeJS developer has gone for the day.

The whiteboard application is supposed to run at
(the port is opened). However, it’s not working because the port isn’t listening to anything with NodeJS shut down.

I honestly have no idea which js file to run in order to start NodeJS for the whiteboard. There are many js files in a ‘whiteboard’ folder. Do you know what type of code I should look for that might suggest it is the right one? Or, do you know what types of logs I can dig up that might point me in the right direction?

Much appreciated

Problem courtesy of: Donny


  • Look for app.js, server.js or something similar. It isn’t required but a lot of people use app.js from what I have seen.
  • node or nodejs is typically the command to start. You may need to set environmental variables or arguments depending on how the developer set things up.
  • Also make sure to run it with screen or forever so it doesn’t quit when you log out.

For common code. createServer
is probably what is used to open the server itself. That is consistent between the core libraries and a lot of the frameworks. There might be another file that loads the module prior to executing so running might not work.

Solution courtesy of: Matt

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