Incorrect result of the query

Php Preparation declarations echo result of the query

Just for you all to know, im starting to learn PDO so dont get mad at me :) When i was using mysqli i would do this get the result from a query and echo something: $query2= “SELECT acess FROM statistic WHERE id_page IN(SELECT id FROM page WHERE title

TFS 2012 Web Access Saves the results of the query off

I’ve installed TFS 2012 and have a problem with the Save Results button in the web access forms where query results are displayed. It is greyed out in all cases, even running on the server where TFS is installed. Anyone know how to enable this button

order of columns from the results of the query

thank you very much as usual support from all of you.. select t.* from ( select * from ( select ‘Total#Days in a month : ‘ as a, count(1) as “Total” from ( select trunc(sysdate,’MON’)+level-1 as my_date from dual connect by level <= to_char(l

BigQuery adds the results of the query to the table with the required fields

I am trying to append the results of a query to an existing table that has the same schema as the result of the query, except that some of the fields in the existing table are required. This is the error for all the required fields when I try and run

How to separate the first result of the query from the rest?

I want to separate first array of PDO-result from other arrays. Here is my try: $iterator = 1; while($results = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC) and $iterator == 1){ /* I need just first row here */ print_r($results); $iterator++; } while($results = $s

Incorrect result of the PHP query

I apologise if the title is confusing, but when I run the page with the code below and enter an email not found in the database, on the webpage I get Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:xampphtdocsTestinglogin.php on line 72. Instea

The results of the query are undefined = function(req, res) { connection.query(‘INSERT INTO student_details(name, course, units, grades, gwa) VALUES(?, ?, ?, ?, ?)’,[,req.body.course,req.body.units,req.body.grades,req.body.gwa], function(err, row) { if(err) res.s

How to delete & ldquo; Decimal & rdquo; The result of the query

This question already has an answer here: Python MySQLdb returns and decimal 4 answers I have result from PostgreSQL query using the following code: cur = con.cursor() cur.execute(“””SELECT to_char(tt.service_date,’yyyy-mm-01′

AJAX sends the value to the controller and returns the results of the query

I want to pass a value to my controller and execute a query. I would then like to return the values from the query to my jquery function so I can then assign these values to various text boxes. I can’t figure out how to get the data back to jquery. I

Date format in the result of the query linq

The following linq to entities query gives the result below: public class UserCountResult { public DateTime? date { get; set; } // **should this be string instead?** public int users { get; set; } public int visits { get; set; } } public JsonResult g

LINQ: The results of the query can not be listed more than once

This question already has an answer here: The result of a query cannot be enumerated more than once 2 answers This is my code searchDataContext db = new searchDataContext(); var query = (from p in db.SearchFirst(city, area) select new { ID = p.Id, Ad

PHP – how to put the results of the query in a table?

I am trying to figure out how to put a mysql query result into an array that can be accessed outside the while loop. Is this possible? My test code that I am playing with is below. I want to send email to the email addresses in the array without crea

Updating a table using the result of the query

In a MySQL database I have the following tables CREATE TABLE `store` ( `ID` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `storetypeID` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL, `storename` varchar(100) NOT NULL, `VATnumber` char(9) NOT NULL, `visits` int(10) unsigned

The project moved from localhost to a third-party host: CodeIgniter Database Class does not return the results of the query, but MySQLI

Using CodeIgniter 2.1.3 I recently moved my website project from my localhost (apache server) to an online third party host. But now, CodeIgniters Database-class can’t seem to get any rows from the databse. The database.php config file is the same, e

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