Using Searches for Table 2D

SQL 2005 – Search for tables with most rows

I searched for this for a while but came up empty … hopefully someone here can help. Is there a query I can run on a database (SQL Server 2005) that will return the number of rows in each table?You could try something like this: SELECT [TableName]

Search for table Jquery with pagination

I am using quicksearch and tablesorter.pager Jquery plugins on a table of data. I can get quicksearch to filter results on a single page, not all the data across all pages. I wondered if anyone else had solved this problem using these or any other jQ

Using DIV for Table: How to alternate line colors with two or more columns

I have been very successful at creating a table using DIVs and having the columns alternate colors. However, I’m trying to alternate rows. I know I’m close, but I’m now banging my head against the wall. There is quite of bit of code, so I’ve created

Symfony2 – doctrine searches for table order

I am using Symfony 2.7, doctrine 2, MySQL. I’m trying to retrieve the tables creation order in a controller as when issuing php app/console doctrine:generate:schema –dump-sql but I only need the table names. So, for instance, if I have two tables li

Search for tables in a subdirectory

Using BDE and TTable components that run off of alias’ how do I navigate from the alias into a sub directory? For example I have an alias ‘GIPM’ this alias points to ‘C:Program FilesGIPM’ within this directory I have another directory that contains

Dynamodb: search for tables with secondary index

I am using the gem aws-sdk-ruby to query a table which looks something like this: hk (Hashkey) | guid(Rangekey) | Timestamp (Secondary Range index) | other attributes aaaa | 50 | 2013-02-04T12:33:00Z | aaaa | 244 | 2013-04-22T04:54:00Z | aaaa | 342 |

SQL Server CDC (change data capture) is used only for changing table data? Can I use it to follow the procedure or other types of object changes?

SQL Server CDC(change data capture) is used just for table data change? Can I use it to track procedure or other types of objects change? BTW, are there some companies using CDC in their production? Thanks.As the name says it captures DATA change – a

& ldquo; Search for Uses & rdquo; for Delphi 7?

Delphi XE+ has a “Search for Usages” option. Is there a similar option in Delphi 7 to find function/procedure callers? I either do a plain text search or place a breakpoint and see who the caller was in the Call Stack during run time. Both are t

Script that looks for tables corresponding to a model and truncates them

I want to create a script which searches for tables matching a pattern and then truncates them. I have logged into mysql and ran the following which gives the correct tables: SELECT concat(‘TRUNCATE TABLE `’, TABLE_NAME, ‘`;’) FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA

Size class for table row height in iOS storyboard

I develop an iOS app with Swift and storyboard. I placed a table and I need to change table cell height depending on screen class, but I can’t find such option in table options. I see that cell height is defined by Table View / Row height option, but

Searching for a MySQL table using PHP

I am trying to create a PHP file to help search a table built in MySQL from a webpage. I have built the form, which allows the user to enter keywords into two of the search criteria and a drop-down menu for the third. However, I am having trouble wit

Search for subfolders of a file path from the file path table using SQL Server & ldquo; LIKE & quot; function

A column in one my SQL Server database tables contains paths (not file paths, just the directory path). I currently have a query which returns all sub-folders of a given file path, using the LIKE function; WHERE Path LIKE @FilePath + ‘%’ On a side no

How to search for rows in 2 time intervals using the Dataset.Tables.Select method?

I have a database table “Leave”. Its primary key is “LeaveNo”. The other fields in the database include “LeaveDate”, “EmpID” , “EmpName” , etc I want to use the dataset.tables[“Leave”].Select() m

Search for data from different tables using SQL and PHP

i have 4 database tables (office, facility, course, treatment) the id in office table acts as office id in all other 3 tables. office id name address phoneno city 1 O1 address1 12 city1 2 O2 address2 34 city2 3 O3 address2 45 city3 facility id office

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