Fullstack React – Issue 89 – Jan 10th 2018

To CSS-in-JS or to not CSS-in-JS? :point_left: is the question!

Many developers all throughout the React community feel passionately about the CSS-in-JS debate, some strongly advocate for it, some are completely turned off by it. Luckily, in this week’s newsletter, we’ve got some libraries and tutorials that won’t necessarily end the debate, but hopefully help you make a better decision on which approach will work best for you. If you still can’t make up your mind, don’t worry, neither can I! :laughing:

Also included in this week’s newsletter:

  • Experience the joy of building React Native Apps with Expo (seriously, it’s amazing!)
  • Kill switch statements with a better coding pattern
  • Peruse a list of component libraries and find the best one for your next React project

Hope the new year is brimming with awesome ideas for React projects for you all!

-Sophia Shoemaker


The Joys of building React Native Apps with Expo

Annoyed by needing XCode and Android Studio to work on your React Native app? Wish it took one button to share your mobile app with other users? In this article, check out a different way for create React Native apps with Expo.


Killing Switch Statements in React with the Strategy Pattern

Instead of using switch statements in your render function, trying using the strategy pattern instead. Read this article to learn how!


11 React Component Libraries You Should Know In 2018

This articles gives a great overview of 11 React component libraries that will most certainly come in handy when building your next UI with React.


A Field Guide to CSS-in-JS

Learn all about how to use Emotion — a CSS-in-JS library heavily inspired by styled-components



React+Redux+Sass Starter Kit

Want to keep CSS out of your JS? Try out this starter kit that comes with Webpack pre-configured to bundle your application. All the required code (JS + Sass) goes in one folder and Webpack will compile, bundle and output in a separate folder, which you can upload/deploy to the root directory of your web server to publish your app!


React Gridit: React grid using CSS Grid and styled-components


Reactivesearch: React components for Elasticsearch

ReactiveSearch is a React UI components library for Elasticsearch. It has 25+ components consisting of Lists, Ranges, Search UIs, Result displays and a way to bring any existing UI component into the library.



Fullstack React: The Book

Learn React the right way with Fullstack React: The Complete Guide to ReactJS and Friends. If you’ve already purchased a copy, you automatically get access to the latest changes. If you haven’t purchased a copy yet, don’t delay and get the most up to date and comprehensive information and tutorials.


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