Freedom Mobile brings back $65/10GB iPhone 8 deal

Freedom Mobile is once again offering a $65/10GB iPhone 8 promotion.

The carrier is offering the iPhone 8 64GB for $0 upfront on a $50 Big Gig 10GB plan with a $15 monthly MyTab Boost, bringing the full monthly bill to $65 per month. It’s important to note, however, that the plan doesn’t include outgoing minutes.

Over a 24-month contract, the $15 monthly MyTab payments add up to $360 in total — a significant $569 reduction from the outright price of $929 and the highest MyTab bonus the carrier is currently offering.

The $50 Big Gig plan includes 10GB of full-speed data, unlimited global text, unlimited incoming calls and $0.05 per minute for calls to Canada and the U.S. on the carrier’s home network. On the away network, it offers 250MB of full-speed data, $0.05 per minute for all calls and unlimited global text.

Freedom Mobile offered a similar deal forBoxing Week that had a scheduled end date of January 3rd.

The carrier started selling new iPhones for the first time inDecember 2017.

Right now Freedom is also selling the LG G Pad IV for $0 down
with 4GB of data for $15 per month, and has a promotion offering a free Samsung charging and memory bundle
with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8 or S8+.

Source: Freedom Mobile
Via: Red Flag Deals

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