Doogee V Is An iPhone X, Galaxy S9 Clone With In-Display Fingerprint Reader

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The smartphone world is one in which there are very few original ideas. Admittedly, there are only so many different things that can be done with what is ostensibly a black slab of metal, plastic and glass, so it is perhaps to be expected that a lot of manufacturers will borrow form one another from time to time.

There are some that borrow more heavily than others, and little known Chinese smartphone makers are among the worst for simply taking existing flagship phones and aping them. The latest to follow that line of design thinking is the Doogee V, and it will look familiar for all kinds of reasons.

The Doogee V is an Android smartphone for the Chinese market that has not yet been released, but will look immediately familiar to anyone with a passing interesting in the industry. The display is a 6.2-inch panel with minimal bezels all the way around. That’s pretty standard fare for Android phones these days, but while the rounded corners look suspiciously like they do on aniPhone X, that camera notch at the top of the display is ripped straight out of Apple’s playbook. There is no array of sensors up there, like you would find on an iPhone, but that’s where the front facing camera, speaker and ambient light sensor reside on the Doogee V.

Around the back, that vertical camera arrangement looks very much like the one you would find on aSamsung Galaxy S9, assuming the leaks are to be believed, so it is not just Apple that has had its design chips repurposed here. The bottom bezel (chin) at the front is very similar to the Galaxy S8/S9 as well.

Where things do differ from the norm is a fingerprint sensor, embedded beneath the display. That’s something we were told Apple looked into although thecompany did deny it, with Samsung also thought to be going the same route for some time. Now that a phone with the technology appears to be close to market, we hope other manufacturers follow suit in 2018. The sooner we get away from them being on the back of the phone, the better!

(Source: Evan Blass [ Twitter ])

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