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How to create a python-style dictionary by data.table in R?

I’m looking for a python-like dictionary structure in R to replace values in a large dataset (>100 MB) and I think data.table package can help me do this. However, I cannot find out an easy way to solve the problem. For example, I have two data.table

How to convert ajax json post application from Jquery to Python / Django dictionary

I am trying to convert an AJAX request retrieving JSON from JS to Python’s dictionary in Django, but unsuccessfully. Please help. This is the original JS code: myJSON = JSON.stringify(myJsObject); // POST – send JSON data to Python/Django server $.aj

Does Python optimize dictionary searches under the hood?

For example: d = {“John”: “Doe”, “Paul”: “Allen”, “Bill”: “Gates”} Only imagine this had several thousand / million such names, all unique by first name. If I wanted to see if the key “Paul&

Python – Game dictionary with the same key

I’m trying to create a function that will read a text file that has one word on each line, like afd asmv adsasd It will take words of the user given length and will construct a python dictionary where the key is a string of the word where the letters

Python niche dictionary

How do I create a nested dictionary in python So, I want the data be in this form.. {Category_id: {Product_id:… productInstance},{prod_id_1: this instance}} Basically if i do something like this lets say I want to check whether the product_id = 5 i

Python: Print dictionary items that have multiple assigned values ​​for each key

I’ve got a dictionary like the one, below: { “amplifier”: [“t_audio”], “airbag”: [“t_trigger”], “trigger”: [“t_sensor1”, “t_sensor2”], “hu”: [“t_fused”], “cam&q

Python getting dictionary values ​​in lists

Been banging my head on desk! I have an url that is downloaded in json, then parsed_json = json.loads(response_body) to python dictionary. The issue is that data(embedded in dicts is in list) that is needed is in a dictionary called list. If I do a d

Python – & gt; Dictionary assertion exists in a list

I have a dictionary and I’d like to check if it exists inside a list. What would be the best way to assert it? tag_to_test_dict = { ‘category’: ‘environment’, ‘name’: ‘quality assurance’ },{ ‘category’: ‘department’, ‘name’: ‘accounting’ } gui_tags_l

Python empty dictionary and PHP

I cannot find solution, so I am using XML-RPC protocol for getting data from the server and I need to request one command which server requires empty dictinary (” like this {} “, in python I can do it) but in PHP how can I make a request with em

Python 3 – Dictionary.items str object has no attribute element error

I am new to Python and I wanted to input a dictionary through command line and have below code print the key: for line in sys.stdin: adict ={} line = line.strip() adict = line for key, value in adict.items(): print(key) I keep getting the error: Attr

Python deepcopy, dictionary value in object changes

I have a python code snippet here: import copy class Foo(object): bar = dict() def __init__(self, bar): = bar def loop(self): backup = copy.deepcopy(self)[1] = “1” for i in range(0, 10): print “BACKUP BAR IS: “, bac

Python creates dictionary from json values

I currently do an API call to the Steam Web API which gets a json response which looks like this: { “response”: { “globalstats”: { “heist_success”: { “total”: “58932654920”, “history”: [ { “

Index to the python command dictionary

I have created a order dictionary and could not get the index out of it. I have gone through the below url but not working. Accessing dictionary value by index in python Here is my code and output. line_1 = OrderedDict(((‘A1’, “Miyapur”), (‘A2’,

Extracting all combinations in python nested dictionary

I have a dictionary like: {‘6400’: {‘6401’: ‘1.0’, ‘6407’: ‘0.3333333333333333’, ‘6536’: ‘0.0’, ‘6448’: ‘0.0’}} And I would like to product a structure similar to preferably in Pyspark: (‘6400’,[‘6400′,’6401′,’1.0’]) (‘6400’,[‘6400′,’6407’,’0.3333333


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