Compare lists and increase error

Binary List and Search Error

i having some problem with TList and BinarySearch. I have this structure: PDoubleEstr = record Double: array [1..2] of Integer; Count: Integer; end; TDoubleEstr = TList; and declare: var oDoubleEstr: TDoubleEstr; Then, i Initialize the

Compare list and dictionary and store items as a list of lists

This code below dots = [[1,2,73,4],[5,36,7,18]] pos = {1:(0,6), 2:(4,3),3:(7,5),4:(9,0), 5:(0,28), 6:(4,3),7:(7,5),8:(9,0)} dot_pos = [] for k in dots: for item in k: if item in pos: dot_pos.append(pos[item]) Gave: [(0, 6), (4, 3), (9, 0), (0, 28), (

Delete anything in the saved list list and increase by one with each new update

I am trying to write a set of names and save them in a list view, however I need that every time I can update the list all what was in it is cleared and I add all the new updates, also the list dynamically has an increment that increments by one with

Python: compares lists and combines in common fields

I have the following two lists: ISO3166_CountryCodes_NO = [[“NO”,”Norge”],[“SE”,”Sverige”],[“GR”,”Hellas”]] ISO3166_CountryCodes_EN = [[“NO”,”Norway”],[“SE”,”Sw

compares lists and returns common objects using LINQ

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; namespace ConsoleApplication5 { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { List custList = new List(); custList.Add(new Customer {

Stata comparing lists and finding missing numbers

I have a question that is probably very simple but I can’t figure it out right now. I have two long lists of index numbers, they are identical except for the fact that the first list contains some numbers that the second list does not and thus the or

Compare Strings and Index Error from List

I am trying to run this program in python but it keeps giving me an error that list index is out of range for the if statement line. But it does print out the “match found” where it has to. import csv with open(‘/Users/jadhav/Documents/Hubble fi

Compare lists and dictionaries in python

My query is to fetch each item in the list compare with the key of the dictionary and fetch its value. Code: for each_element in list1: for key,value in my_dictionary.items(): if each_element == key: output = value The error I am facing is the elemen

python list and python error to execute

i want to create a python script to take input some list (float or integer) and that list get in my progress and i take some new list with the new values(from the progress). my code : for i in (mylist): if i==1: result=1 elif (i>1) and (i<2): result

Compare Lists and Get Values ​​with Linq

My object is “MyClass” with 2 properties : Id (int) and HourBy (int) I have two list : var List1 = new List(); var List2 = new List(); I’d like to get one list with : – Object from List1 present in List2 based on Id

Compare two lists and return the corresponding results with an error

I tried to compare two lists by using the Except method. But when I did, I got an error saying: Cannot convert from ‘Systems.Collections.Generic.List’ to ‘System.Linq.IQueryable’ ‘System.Collections.Generic.List does not contain a

Python, what is the pythonic way to compare 2 lists of increasing size?

I have one list (list a) that increases based on size and has items removed from this list and put into another list (list b) that maintains what has already been checked. The list that is maintaining (list b) what has been done needs to be compared

Python.Compare numbers in 2 lists and find a maximum

I have 2 lists with elements like: list1=[2,54,31,6,42] list2=[4,98,43,3,2] I want a def that compares the numbers and returns a 3rd list with the biggest one. In this example the 3rd list would be: list3=[4,98,43,6,42] Here’s a simple def/function t

By comparing two lists and finding clues of change

I’m trying to compare two lists and find the position and changed character at that position. For example, these are two lists: list1 = [‘I’, ‘C’, ‘A’, ‘N’, ‘R’, ‘U’, ‘N’] list2 = [‘I’, ‘K’, ‘A’, ‘N’, ‘R’, ‘U’, ‘T’] I want to be able to output the po

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