New Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ Renders Leak

NewSamsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ renders have leaked recently, showing off what the suspected design will be for Samsung’s upcoming flagship for the year 2018. The leaked renders of the two phones, which can be seen both above and below are showcasing the front and back, though the backside shot is only showing on the Galaxy S9 as the Galaxy S9+ is shown from the front in both images. This makes it so it’s not possible to see the back cameras, which have repeatedly been rumored to be a dual camera setup.

Although it’s not possible to see the back of the Galaxy S9+, the back of the Galaxy S9 in the above render does seem to confirm previous rumors and leaks that it will come with just a single rear-facing camera lens, meaning consumers will have more than just a difference in the size of the display to decide between when looking at both phones for an upgrade or a new device. The front also showcases that there will be dual front-facing camera sensors on each model, so this in particular will be the same on both phones, suggesting that Samsung is looking to put some focus into the capabilities of each device to take better selfie pictures.

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The design of the phone in both of these new renders also more clearly shows the bezels of the two phones, which appear to be the same as they are on the Galaxy S8, though it was initially thought that the bottom bezel would be slimmer than before. That now seems to not be the case. Another element worth paying attention to is that the fingerprint sensor is now placed below the rear-facing camera module which is likely due to the complaints people had about being on the side with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ as people often meant to touch the sensor and accidentally smudged up the camera glass instead. With it now in a new spot it should be much easier to avoid this type of scenario. Recent rumors have suggested that Samsung is going to unveil the new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ at CES in the week or so, with a rumored launch for the phone sometime in March. The phone was also recently reported to have passedthrough the FCC, which could mean Samsung is actually preparing to show the phone off soon.

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