Would you like Apple to launch a gold iPhone X? (poll results)

Apple is currently selling theiPhone X in just two color variants (silver and space gray), but there have been plenty of rumors about a gold version of the handset.

Before Apple got to announce the iPhone X, well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned that, due to unspecified production problems, the company might release a gold variant of the phone
sometime after
the silver and space grey models. Since then, we haven’t seen any new info about this, so there’s no way of telling if a gold iPhone X will ever be available to buy. But we were curious to know what you, our readers, thought about the possibility of Apple releasing a gold iPhone X, so we publishedthis poll.

As you can see below, almost half of the poll respondents (47.11%) said that they would like Apple to launch a gold iPhone X. Slightly more than half (52.89%) didn’t see this as a good idea. Of course, we can’t really know if all those who voted are actually interested in getting an iPhone X. Still, for what would be a third color variant of the iPhone X, gold appears to be pretty popular – and that shouldn’t be surprising, as most of Apple’s recent iPhones, including theiPhone 8 and8 Plus, have/had at least one gold version.

In case you didn’t manage to vote in our poll while this was active, feel free to share your opinion about the (non)existence of agold iPhone X in the comments section.

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