Recovering and storing data from SQLite or NSMutableArrays in an iphone application

Recovering and storing images in SQLite to ios

How can we create a button to store and retrieve images in sqlite in ios application? Actually I am building a Application in which i can take photo from camera and I have to store it and display as a profile pictureStoring image data in database is

a reactive-native Android application to recover and display data from google-spreadsheet

Am storing some data(eg:temperature) in the google spread sheet. So now i want to fetch the data from my google spread sheet and display it in my react native android application. Can some one give me some ideas or example?If your data is public: 1 –

Capturing and storing data from XML

I’m trying to get data from a API that output data in XML structure. It has a lot branches, looks complicated. Here is the structure, &l

CakePHP – Recovering and Using Data From Different Tables

I’m sorry, I am a newbie in CakePHP and I am a little bit confused in this subject, let me explain: I have a relationship between two tables. One of the table is Dose and the other is tank. So, one Tank belongs to a Dose. A Dose has many Tanks. The t

Retrieving and storing data from the pls file in PHP

I need to create a series of regular expressions to get data out of a pls file in PHP (a language I’ve only just started learning). The file will output data similar to this: numberofentries=1 File1= Title1=(#1 –

Perl – Iterating via an xml file and storing data from specific tags

I need to store specific data (file names) from an XML file into a hash using Perl. I am iterating through the XML file line by line, but I am stuck on how to get the file names from schooldata’s file attribute. The part of the XML that I am trying t

Reading and storing data from the C ++ text file

I have a question similar to the one posted here: C++: Read from text file and separate into variable The difference is that the original post had the file.txt in the following format: name int int int name int int int My file has the following forma

Extract and sort data from the .mdb file using mdbtools in Python

I’m quite new to Python, so any help will be appreciated. I am trying to extract and sort data from 2000 .mdb files using mdbtools on Linux. So far I was able to just take the .mdb file and dump all the tables into .csv. It creates huge mess since th

how to view data from sqlite in the custom list file

I want to display data from sqlite database and I will show to listfragment, but until now have not been able to be displayed Class public class Barang { private long id; private String nama_barang; private String merk_barang; private Str

Android Studio gets data from sqlite

I had some problem about get data from sqlite different database.One database that save user’s name and phone and they can update as they like. While another is house information but also contain user’s name and phone. My problem is i just realize th

Alternatively light read-only to DataTable for storing data from SqlDataReader?

I am using SqlDataReader to read data from SQL Server. However sometimes I want to cache my data in memory as a read-only lightweight connection-free object. I couldn’t find any options for me in the BCL. Do I need to write my own implementation of s

Formatting and displaying data from an access database (WPF, C #)

Evening all, To the point: Within my WPF application I would like to display data from an access database within a listbox in the format of a ToString method created within another class. — I can display the data, but it does not contain formatting.

Encoder error: I try to run my project and select data from the database, but I get this error:

codeigniter errors :I am trying to run my project and Select data from the datatbase but I get this error: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Warning Message: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() Filename: controllers/NewsController.php Line Nu

Update and delete data from a MySQL database table

I have a DB table. i want to update and delete data from that table. I am new in php and MySQL. I tried but can’t work. can anybody help me, please????? My code is bellow: For Update————


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