Save the integer of jscript as a php index

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I'm trying to get the browser's width and then compare it as a php variable, but it is saving it as a string, I tried parsing it to another variable but it only returns 0.

$tam='var j= $(window).width(); document.write(j)';

I'm doing the parsing like this:

$ntam=(int) $tam;

You can't save a javascript value into a php variable directly. But you can....Put the php value into a javascript variable and use that for making your changes using javascript.

<?php  echo 'var jVar = "$phpVar";'; ?>

If you are importing your script from a js file you will want to add this before your import or course.

And I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish but if you need a js value you can always send that value using an ajax Request...

var ajax = new XMLHttpRequest();
var form  = new FormData();

On the server side code, which in this example is processJSWindowSize.php, you can have something along the lines of

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