Year in Review (2017)

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ICYMI (or more likely, in case I want a reference), here’s all the public stuff I’ve done in the past year.

This year, I purposefully avoided traveling to speak at conferences. Writing talks, traveling, and attending conferences takes up a huge chunk of time and I was curious what would happen if I freed up that time. In addition, I feel like most talks have a small reach compared to the long tail lifespan of articles.

The end result? I wrote a lot more articles instead. I also missed all my conference buddies, so we’ll see how I balance things in future years.

That said, I’ve got a baby due in March so there is a high likelihood that my public work will take a backseat to raising a child.



While I avoided traveling to give talks, I did give a couple locally.

  • An Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming( slides
    , video
    , write-up

    A true introduction for FRP. It doesn’t rely on any particular library and aims to explain the motivations for FRP.

  • Android Notification Channels: The Complicated Parts( slides

    I struggled with Oreo notification channels, then I gave a talk at a local meet-up about it. Sorry, no video.

  • Hostile Design Patterns( link

    My first ignite talk. Also my first comedy talk. It went well but for good reasons I will not be providing slides nor video.

Open Source


  • ADB: IO IO

    Wherein I join a large group of great Android developers to talk about Google IO 2017.

  • Fragmented: RxJava intervention with Dan Lew

    I did a couple RxJava podcasts on Fragmented a couple years ago. I’ve come back now with my maturing thoughts on proper reactive code practices.


Android mk 引用 jar 包、so 库、aar 包,系统签名... 转载请注明原博客地址 写在最前面 刚开始在 Ubuntu 编译系统源码的时候, 需要在 mk 文件里面配置各种东西,对比在 AndroidStudio 敲代码,那可真的是 TMD 麻烦(那时候内心仿佛有千万只马奔腾),不过后面心态渐渐变好了,每个人都是一样,刚开始对于新的并且...
Android———最详细的系统对话框使用 在实际应用开发中,用到系统对话框中的情况几乎是没有的。按开发流程来说,UI工程师都会给出每一个弹窗的样式,故而在实际开发中都是自定义弹窗的。 即使用到的地方不多,但是我们也是需要了解并且能熟练的运用它,下面为大家奉上各种系统对话框的实现。 目录 一、系统对话框的几种类...
事件分发机制 通常,开发人员所涉及到的事件分发机制涉及到了如下几个方法 dispatchTouchEvent(MotionEvent ev) 用来进行事件分发。如果事件能传递给当前的View,那么此方法一定会被调用。 onInterceptTouchEvent(MotionEvent ev...
Android之自定义view引用xml布局文件 目录 1.加载xml布局文件 2.自定义属性 一、加载xml布局文件 1) 在构造方法中调用方法: public class CustomView extends RelativeLayout {public CustomView(Conte...
Android APP打开另一个APP完整逻辑实现 本文出自: 一丶概述 前段时间配合开发,完成了一个APP拉起另一个APP的需求,负责接收数据跨登录部分。当然整个实现思路挺感兴趣就了解一下。先说说需求拉起另一个AP...
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