Year in Review (2017)

ICYMI (or more likely, in case I want a reference), here’s all the public stuff I’ve done in the past year.

This year, I purposefully avoided traveling to speak at conferences. Writing talks, traveling, and attending conferences takes up a huge chunk of time and I was curious what would happen if I freed up that time. In addition, I feel like most talks have a small reach compared to the long tail lifespan of articles.

The end result? I wrote a lot more articles instead. I also missed all my conference buddies, so we’ll see how I balance things in future years.

That said, I’ve got a baby due in March so there is a high likelihood that my public work will take a backseat to raising a child.



While I avoided traveling to give talks, I did give a couple locally.

  • An Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming( slides
    , video
    , write-up

    A true introduction for FRP. It doesn’t rely on any particular library and aims to explain the motivations for FRP.

  • Android Notification Channels: The Complicated Parts( slides

    I struggled with Oreo notification channels, then I gave a talk at a local meet-up about it. Sorry, no video.

  • Hostile Design Patterns( link

    My first ignite talk. Also my first comedy talk. It went well but for good reasons I will not be providing slides nor video.

Open Source


  • ADB: IO IO

    Wherein I join a large group of great Android developers to talk about Google IO 2017.

  • Fragmented: RxJava intervention with Dan Lew

    I did a couple RxJava podcasts on Fragmented a couple years ago. I’ve come back now with my maturing thoughts on proper reactive code practices.

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