Database table compare

Compare two database table rows and insert

I am working on a project where my requirement is just update the database from local server to the destination server (all tables, views, functions, rows and stored procedures). Now I want to compare the local database table with the destination dat

Loop each row in a database table in php

I am new to php. I am doing login for user, then I would like to compare the username and password of the person when he/she login to every rows in my database table. For this case, assume user= michael, pssword =1234 I got this: $username= “michael&

Blocked script during duplicate database table – Mysql – PHP

As a follow up question to my prev question, I decide to make this. I use the code below to duplicate database tables, but sometimes if the table size is large, the script hangs and the page just keeps waiting, and when I compare number of rows in bo

Free or free source software for viewing the flow table and database table?

I would like to ask you to tell me, what visualisation software to take. Normally I would use a vector illustation software like “inkscape”, but I would like to use a software, where I don’t have to draw the lines manually and where I can use th

Authenticate to the Drupal Users Database Table from the Django Application

I’m working with: A) A large Drupal 7.23 application running at using a MySQL database with thousands of users, around 30 of which are Staff. B) A small Django 1.3.7 application running at using a PostgreSQ

I want to take data from the database and compare it with the system time

I want to take data from database and compare with system android code for taking system time is sTimeFirstPart= DateFormat.getTimeInstance(DateFormat.SHORT).format(new Date()); this will hold the current system time and how can i compare thi

Results of SharePoint lists and database tables

We are looking to store transactional data in SharePoint lists. The lists will easily grow to 100,000+ items. How would the query performance be compared with queries on a database table with these columns? Queries: Select by Id Select Where ColumnVa

How do I get the last date from a list of dates in the database, then compare it with the current date?

I’m trying to retrieve dates from the database then use it to compare with current date. How can I get the last date from a list of dates in the database then compare it with the current date? Here’s what I’ve tried but I get a exception: “LINQ to En

Integrity of data for a large database table

I have to provide data integrity for a large database table. So, if a crafty admin manually changes the table (not via UI) I want to be able to detect it. My idea is to have HMAC for each record and calculate incremental HMAC for the table when a use

How to retrieve the values, First letter capital from the database table using LINQ Query?

Possible Duplicate: How to Capitalize names using C# How can i retrieve values from database tables in First letter capital format? My LINQ Query is like this, DBEntities Context = new DBEntities (); var UserNameEntity = (from a in Context.UserInform

Retrieving the most recent entry in a database table with a certain value

I have a table with three fields – userID, couponID, last_couponID. When the user accesses a coupon, I run this query: mysql_query(“INSERT INTO users_coupons (userID, couponID) VALUES (‘$recordUserID’, ‘$recordCoupID’)”); Further, I have another

How do I check if a value exists in the mySQL database table?

I simply want to check if a value exists in my mySQL database table: $pdo = Database::connect(); $sql = “SELECT * FROM farm WHERE animal = ‘horse'”; if ($sql == 0) { echo ‘animal does not exist
‘; } else { echo ‘animal does exist<br&

CakePHP Error: The acos database table for the Aco model was not found

Hey all, I’m new to CakePHP and I’m using it at work. I have a Mac running Mac OS X Leopard at work as well as at home and a PC at work as well. I have the project I’m currently working on set up on all 3, it works fine at my work computers but on my

Choose random entities from the database table?

How would I randomly select rows from a database table? I’m using JPA and would like to use the Criteria API if possible. I’m aware there is an SQL equivalent, something like: SELECT TOP 5 Id, Name FROM mNames ORDER BY NEWID() But how would I do this

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