Have toggleClass disappears, but does not disappear

综合技术 2018-01-01

I am currently using the toggleClass()
method with jQuery and I'd like to have the class fade in, but I don't want it to fade out. I've been using the "duration" attribute, but given that it is toggleClass, the duration is the same both ways. I don't want to use addClass()
with a fade in and removeClass()
without a fade out because I feel like the code will get too lengthy and unruly. I want small, simple, readable code.

Any ideas?

I have this so far:

$("#e" ).hover(function() {
    $(this).closest("#word").toggleClass("hoverE", 500 )

I would like something like this where I can specify fade in duration and fade out duration:

$("#e" ).hover(function() {
    $(this).closest("#word").toggleClass("hoverE", 500, 0 )

I've tried something like this, but it doesn't work:

$("#e" ).hover(function() {







This doesn't exist. You could create your own:

$.fn.myToggleClass = function(className, showDur, hideDur) {
        this.removeClass(className, hideDur);
    } else {
        this.addClass(className, showDur);



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