HQ Trivia is now out on Android

A bit under a week ago, we reported that HQ Trivia was gearing up to hit Android as the company opened pre-registration. Now, with just a few hours to spare, players on both platforms can ring in the new year with a quick and potentially profitable round of games. HQ Trivia is now available for download on Android.

The app was previously available to download in Canada for a short period, but now even those of us in the US can get in on the action. HQ Trivia is still probably unfinished at some level, since it’s listed as “Unreleased” on the Play Store, and the last changelog thanks users for being beta testers.

Obviously, we can’t actually test all the functionality in the app for ourselves until tonight’s game, but several of us have installed it and gotten things set up in preparation. The process is quite simple, and just requires an SMS code for registration.

If you use one of our codes to sign up, you can even earn us a few free lives. I have no idea what that means, but it sounds nice. (Artem: archon810, Richard: rgao007, Ryne: rynehager)

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