Hands-On Overview of Android Oreo-based OmniROM on the OnePlus 5T

One disappointing aspect of theOnePlus 5T was that it shipped with Android Nougat instead of Oreo. (Even theOreo beta the company pushed Friday is only 8.0.) But if you’re interested in getting Android 8.1 on your 5T and you don’t mind going the custom ROM route, there are several options available inour forums. One I spent time with recently was the first one published in our subforum,OmniROM.

OmniROM Features

In addition to standard Android 8.1 goodies like the redesigned power menu, fading navbar buttons, and inverted navbar backgrounds , OmniROM offers a plethora of custom features such as advanced reboot, dual-column settings, dynamic notification drawer headers, and OmniSwitch (just to name a few). Below is a screenshot gallery showcasing a sampling of these features, along with a small description of them.

OmniGears in the Settings panel is where you’ll find the features that make OmniROM unique.
You can set custom colors for the LED indicator. They’ll display when your phone is charging in the Battery LED section of OmniGears.
Here, you can set rotation options for your display and lockscreen, including 180 and 270-degree rotations.
The More sub-menu in OmniGears is where you can set the Settings page to show a dual-column layout.
The Bars and Lockscreen sections of OmniGears let you customize the status bar and disable wallpapers on the lockscreen.
In the Buttons section in OmniGears, you can set custom long-press actions for your home and Recents buttons and change hardware button behavior.
OmniSwitch is a fan-favorite feature of OmniROM, and includes the ability to set a custom icon pack for recent app thumbnails.
OmniSwitch with StealthyChief’s Viper icon pack applied.
Here, you can see some of the advanced options available in OmniGears, including gesture support, customizable vibration strength, and several screen calibration options.
Noted wallpaper designer and system themer JRod made my favorite out of the four stock wallpapers.
You can choose between four custom OmniROM wallpapers packaged with the ROM.
Add some swag to your device in the Style section.
OmniROM is known for its dynamic notification panel headers, and the feature made it to the Android 8.1-based incarnation.
You can opt to see your settings panel in a two-column layout.

Check out the hands-on video by Miles Somerville, my colleague, for more:

My favorite feature of OnePlus 5T custom ROMs is the ability to apply system themes via OMS, which became a lot easier with the advent of Android 8.0 . In the case of OmniROM, I useSubstratum to apply my themes — you can see screenshots with the Valerie Substratum theme applied below.

Taking Pictures While Running OmniROM

One of the biggest caveats of custom ROMs on all devices (but particularly OnePlus devices) is that you usually can’t take advantage of the camera app and enhanced post-processing from the device’s stock ROM, since it requires dependencies coded into the OEM firmware. The OnePlus 5T is no exception, which means the quality of the pictures you take are often inferior to those captured with the stock camera app.

Pixel XL – GCam
OP5T – OmniROM Cam
OP5T – GCam
Pixel XL – GCam
OP5T – OmniROM Cam
OP5T – GCam

To measure the severity of the problem on OmniROM, I compared several pictures taken in daytime and in low-light conditions using my first-generationPixel XL (using the Google Camera application with HDR+ activated) to (1) the stock OmniROM camera app in HDR mode on my 5T, and (2) aGoogle Camera port with HDR+ activated. You can see the three-way comparison in daylight conditions here and in low-light conditions here . I highly recommend using the Google Camera port — pictures taken with it rival those taken from the Pixel XL in quality. The stock OmniROM camera app is no slouch in daylight, but there was a noticeable drop-off in quality under low-light environments.


While the number ofAndroid Oreo-based ROMs for the OnePlus 5T has grown substantially in recent weeks, OmniROM has some unique features that you might come to prefer. If you’re looking for a no-frills, easy-to-configure ROM that won’t bog down your phone with bloatware, look no further.

Eager to flash it on your OnePlus 5T? Check out the official XDA Forums thread, where you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to install it.

Source: OmniRom 8.0/8.1 [OP5T]

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