JQuery .Post after javascript: submit_contact ()

I’m trying to submit a little contact form.

Here is my jquery to POST:

    function submit_contact()
            $.post("http://www.domain.com/wp-content/themes/toronto/handlers/contact.php", {
            contact_text: $("[name='contact_text']").val(),
            contact_email: $("[name='contact_email']").val(),
            }, function(data){
            console.log( data );


Here is my html that handles the form:

Everything seems to look ok but the form is not submitting. I’ve run the .php file through a regular submit and it works fine.

Any thoughts?

You need to declare your function outside of $(document).ready()
and then call it using anything.

Why can’t I ?

As Local Variables cannot be accessed from outside, similarly local functions cannot also be accessed.

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