2017 in Review: Stats and Goals

综合编程 2017-12-31

For a “very private” blog about IT, security and personal stuff, I have done pretty well this year. I am no professional blogger and had to set some personal goals to force myself to blog regularly.

First of all, here are the statistics:

Total visitors15.718
Total views19.273
New blog posts15
Average time spent73s

Unfortunately, I did not reach my goal of 2 posts per month, mostly due to time constraints and lacking motivation. But the number of visitors tripled compared to 2016, which is so cool! Also thanks to the recurring visitors, which return again and again to my blog to read my articles. Some of you already told me that you followed my blog, and I really appreciate it.

My readers mostly come from Germany, which is not surprising at all. The reason: The most visited post is LaterPay bei SPIEGEL Online umgehen , with over 14.901 (77,3%) views. My one-hit wonder post is followed by How to spoof NTP packets with 728 (3,8%) views. These are the top 10 countries that visit my blog:

Now some bad news:

Yep, Chrome is still dominating the browser game. But Firefox is catching up, probably thanks to the Firefox Quantum update this year. I am a strong supporter of free (as in free speech) and open-source software and cannot recommend Firefox enough. We will see how things will evolve in 2018.

So much for the statistics. Now is the time to reason about goals for the next year. I will be beginning my master’s thesis in a few months and will probably be either too busy with it to post new content or I will be blogging constantly about that.

In both cases I hope to continue working on my personal project: a browser game called StudLife and a cool side project called Tallies , which I will be working on with a close friend of mine (who did most of the work for now). So hopefully you can expect some postings about Python and Django, and Web development in general.

I am happy that some of my posts are read by others and might be helpful to them. I probably could get more visitors with decent SEO , but since I have no real incentive to do that (still no ads, no monetization on this blog!), I am grateful for any visitor that finds and enjoys my posts.

So… thank you again, dear visitor, and I wish you a happy New Year!

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