Remove all CSS style sheets from a page

css style sheet from the content page

iv’e got a content page with a link to a style sheet which i want to be specific for that page , i.e. i want the design to be specific for that page when it loads and takes its place in the contentplaceholder on the main page. IN MY CONTENT PAGE : <a

How to link a CSS style sheet from another folder below to the directory?

This is what I’m trying to link into my HTML and it’s not working I tried taking off the two periods and that doesn’t work either. In your case: <link re

CKEditor 4: How to add a CSS style sheet from the plugin?

Tried this for now, but no luck editor.addCss(this.path + ‘tabber.css’); editor.document.appendStyleSheet(this.path + ‘tabber.css’); Full code (function () { CKEDITOR.plugins.add(‘tabber’, { init: function (editor) { editor.ui.addButton(‘addTab’, { c

How to delete all css styles

I’m creating a snippet of HTML to allow others to add functionality to their web sites (it is a voting widget). I’ve created a snippet of HTML like this:

[implementation of my voting widget]

I spent a lot of time to get the format

WordPress – How do I assign separate style sheets to different pages?

I am trying to figure out how to assign a seperate stylesheet for different pages? I wan’t to use the same stylesheet for my front page, and page template and a different stylesheet for my blog and it’s related pages. My theme only consists of a fron

CSS style sheet in the child content container not applied

I have a master page with CSS style sheet references in its head tag. I also have a Content Place Holder in the master page head tag. In a child page using that master page I’ve placed a CSS style sheet reference specific to that page in the Content

Changing All CSS Styles with a Property Using Jquery

On a page I include some css eg: .myBox{ color:#000000; border:#FFFFFF; padding:4px; } .myBox2{ color:#000000; border:#FFFFFF; padding:4px; } I want to then change the “color” property set within both

How do I use conditional formatting in a CSS style sheet?

I am looking to use some conditional styling for IE 9 – but I want to have the conditions inside my main style sheet – not using a second style sheet or referencing it in the HTML page. At the moment, I am putting this code in the HTML page, which wo

Prevent loading the entire CSS style sheet – only load the necessary content?

I’m trying to improve my site speed as I integrate certain features of a theme I purchased into my site and came across this interesting feature on the website of said theme. The problem I have now is my CSS style sheet is absolutely massive (220kb)

Dynamic loading of the CSS style sheet does not work on IE

I dynamically load a css stylesheet (with a little help from jQuery) like this: var head = document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0]; $(document.createElement(‘link’)) .attr({ type: ‘text/css’, href: ‘../../mz/mz.css’, rel: ‘stylesheet’ }) .appendTo(h

how to change the style sheet of a page according to the option in the drop-down menu

i’m creating a page which has an link with the external style sheet, now i created few more style sheets and added an drop-down menu in the page, now how to link these options with the external style sheets so that once the user selects an option fro

In which CSS style sheet should I place my web font?

I normally place my fonts in my master style sheet so that they’re only declared once. But I’m working on somebody else’s site and they’ve declared it in individual style sheets for individual pages (although the web font is used across the whole sit

Where is the Add Style Rule option in the Visual Studio 2015 CSS style sheet?

I am watching tutorial in visual studio but I cannot find the Add Style Rule option it occurs from right click on css also I cannot drag and drop the stylesheet on my html document. Open the CSS style sheet in the editor. In the Styles menu,

css style sheet and script in the body. Possible?

I am a user of the content management system (TYPO3) that does not allow me to add something to the head of the html document. Is it possible to define a css style sheet and script in the body so that I do not duplicate corresponding styles and javas

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