Can not read cookies in php on localhost

Can not read cookies via PHP or Javascript on an iPad

I am currently having a few issues when trying to read cookies using PHP or Javascript. I have tried using: if(!$_COOKIE[‘popup_closed’] && !isset($_COOKIE[‘username’]) && !isset($_COOKIE[‘password’]) ) And I have tried: if( $.cookie(‘popu

Can not read cookie in php

I am unable to read the cookie using $_COOKIE[‘mycookie’]. I am using PHP-Apache on Linux box. Is there any seeting in php.ini or httpd.conf to activate cookie. ThanksDid you set the cookie properly? <?php $value = 'something from somewhere'; setcook

GridFSDownloadStream can not read all data

I try to download file from mongodb . the size of uploaded file is 2106 bytes,and chunkSize=2048 bytes, so GridFS divides the file into 2 chunks. when I excute the codes of, only read data of the first chunk, and c

I can not read with AngularJS a cookie created in PHP

Hi I created a Cookie in PHP: setcookie( $name, $value, time() + $expire, ‘/’, Host::$domain, isset ( $_SERVER[“HTTPS”] ) , true ); the domain is ‘’, beucase I haven’t a website, I’m testing in XAMPP. So, on index I show the $_COOKIE wi

WordPress cookies via functions.php do not read cookies until the page is reloaded?

I am using wordpress and have created a cookie in functions.php. My problem is that this cookie is not read by the template/page when it’s created but on it’s 2nd page load. Is there a workaround to this so I can read the cookie when it’s created? He

Reading a large csv file in php, can not read the whole file

so I’m trying to use PHP to read a large csv file (about 64 000 entries) and stack it in a big array Using fopen() and fgetcsv, i managed to get most of the file read, though it suddenly stops at entry 51829 for no apparent reason I checked in my arr

PHP can not read the file name that has a special character!

i have problem with file() in php. The function can’t read a file start with ! or $ like !textfile.txt or $textfile.txt, i try with fopen() and it happen as a same way. I have no idea how to solve this. I hope someone can help Appreciate any help.The

PHP can not read external file

I am trying to read an external file, hosted on another server, but am having issues. Here, I identify the variables: $variable1 = “test”; $variable2 = “testing”; Here, I identify the URL to read: $url = “

php read RSS feed can not read & lt; a10: content type = & ldquo; text / xml & rdquo; & gt; Mark

I’m trying to read an RSS feed using php. For some reason it cannot read this content tag. … This is an example of what an item could look like <rss version="2.0" xmlns:a10=&q

PHP Simple HTML DOM can not read & ldquo; data-src & rdquo; or & ldquo; img src & rdquo; without http: in the path

I’m working with PHP Simple HTML DOM and just discovered it can’t read images from data-src attribute or <img src without http: eg; Is there any way to make it happen? My code is: if($htm->find

Reading cookies using php

I have a cookie like this and the cookie is set using javascript.Now I need to read the cookies value using php This is how cookie stores.I am able to see the cokie values from mozila debugg tools as this [“as”,”asda”,”fdfdf”

The Java Socket server side can not read the incoming text line in the game framework application

So I’m having some serious problems with java’s server side socket, witch accepts connection, but it can’t read anything from BufferedReader, whitch I have put to read the text stream from socket connection. Code for my threads run(), whitch I’m crea

MongoDB Gem BSON can not read a MongoDB database file?

I have a MongoDB DB with some data. That all works fine, the data was inserted into the mongo DB properly. What I want to do now, though, is open the mongoDB DB file, and parse it using the BSON gem so that I can look at the human-friendly format of

Connection Rejected when reading JSON from PHP in localhost, Android Studio

I’m trying to connect to one php on my localhost server that works ok, but I can’t read the content there. Here is my code: package com.example.klaussius.probandoconexionservidor; import android.os.AsyncTask; import android.os.Bundle; import android.

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