Top picks — 2017 December

综合技术 2017-12-31

Learn React Fundamentals and Advanced Patterns

Kent C. Dodds just revealed a brand new series of courses about React. It is up to date and cover all that you need to know about Facebook’s framework. From component creation to advanced workflow using Redux. Well recommended resources.


Webpack is amazing but the only downside of it is overwhelming configuration. Parcel comes handy then. This is a new kid on the block — no configuration is required and somehow it resolves all dependencies for you in no time. Fingers crossed for future of this project.


NPM client five time faster than it’s origin, smaller node_modules size and most interestingly works in the browser — Turbo. Another brand new tool that the dev community on Twitter went crazy about. Instant dependency resolution, robust caching mechanisms and works great with tiny and massive apps. Sounds nice. Time will show us if it is going to take over the popularity of good old npm and yarn.

Getting your site ready for mobile-first indexing

Google changes indexing mechanism from desktop-first to mobile-first. We should expect a strong indexing bump for all websites that are mobile optimized and probably a significant drop for old-school, not maintained projects.

An update on Better Ads

This is a good news for all publishers and everyday Google Chrome users. Coalition for Better Ads
is an organization that gather list of advices of non-destructive and more user friendly adds on the web. Google Chrome will implement a native add-blocker based on these rules since the January 15th.

Tons of great command line tricks and tips!

NectarJS : compiling JavaScript into Native Binaries for Every Platform

Worth to keep an eye on future of this one.

We want to make JS a universal language for coding everything, everywhere. JS is present in every web browser; it’s more and more present in server side with NodeJS, and it is also used for IOT with Espruino. However, each platform has its own specifications. With NectarJS, we want to unify all of these in one solution.

A Message to Our Customers about iPhone Batteries and Performance

Apple published a response to customers with a clear explainer of the whole situation about deliberately slowing down a device when the older battery. Fair message Apple.

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