Best Posts of 2017

I already have a sidebar for my most popular posts. Though popular doesn’t necessarily mean better. So below is a list of what I think are the 5 best posts that are not in the top 10 from 2017 (as of December 2016):

1. Template Literals in JavaScript
A new way of defining strings with significantly reduced syntax. Whenever I have a string that involves variables or multiple lines and the environment I am working in supports Template Literals, I use them instead of regular strings.

2. New Explained in JavaScript
There is still confusion about the new
keyword in JS. This post explains the difference by implementing a function that does exact what new
does. With class
syntax usage becoming common in JavaScript code these days, this is very important to know.

3.JavaScript Promisify Easily convert asynchronous APIs to promises. Which results in having one simple and standard way to access all asynchronous content.

4. Destructuring Assignments in JavaScript
How to handle returns of multiple values in JavaScript in one line. Useful for more complex functions that can generate multiple results.

5. When To Use Let and Const in JavaScript
and const
make code with var
more predictable.

Posts of Previous Years

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