A week of symfony #574 (25-31 December 2017)

This week, the development activity was low, as usual during the end of the year, and focused on fixing minor issues. In addition, we published the Symfony 2017 Year in Review
to recap all that we achieved as a community during the past twelve months.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog

  • 2f2a47b
    : [HttpFoundation] add application/ld+json format associated to json

3.3 changelog

  • f20515a
    : [WebServerBundle] fixed escaping of php binary with arguments
  • f6756ad
    : [HttpFoundation] fixed false-positive ConflictingHeadersException
  • 205e8ee
    : [Config] error handlers $context should be optional as it’s deprecated

3.4 changelog

  • 02524ee
    : [DomCrawler] updated message to inform the user how to install the component
  • ae6f668
    : [WebProfilerBundle] fixed panel break when stopwatch component is not installed
  • 89903e1
    : [HttpKernel] fixed cleaning legacy containers
  • 39f0438
    : [FrameworkBundle] add check for SecurityBundle in createAccessDeniedException
  • 0422471
    : [DependencyInjection] suggest to write an implementation if the interface cannot be autowired

4.0 changelog

  • 8535fec
    : [Console] simplify parameters in service container

Newest issues and pull requests

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