Hash limits corresponding to regex in javascript

The corresponding comma regex of Javascript when it is not supposed

I cannot figure out this javascript little oddity that’s occurs in Firefox 7.0.1 and Google Chrome 14.0.835.202 (I haven’t tested any other versions). Why does /[+-.]/g match commas (,) in addition to plus signs (+), dashes (-) and periods (.)? // Fi

How to return a part of the javascript string that corresponds to regex?

I have a regex string that matches the specific part of the string that I need as seen here. /[^/,s?#]+?.[^/,s]+?(?=/|s|$|?|#)/g I want to use this regex in javascript to strip the parts of a string that do not match the regex and then store

Corresponding and returning all strings contained in [] using regex in javascript

I’m wanting to match all values contained within [] brackets using regex in javascript. I have the following string: [parent][0][child] Attempting to use the regex value: [[^]]*] Entering both values into the Rexex Tester matches everything success

The regex model Javascript corresponds to several strings (AND, OR) against a single string

I need to filter a collection of strings based on a rather complex query – in it’s “raw” form it looks like this: nano* AND (regulat* OR *toxic* OR ((risk OR hazard) AND (exposure OR release)) ) An example of one of the strings to match against:

corresponds to the Hebrew character at the word limit via regex in javascript?

I’m able to match and highlight this Hebrew letter in JS: var myText = $(‘#text’).html(); var myHilite = myText.replace(/(u05D0+)/g,”$1“); $(‘#text’).html(myHilite); fiddle but can’t highlight a word c

Create regex from javascript string

I have a question regarding creating a regex from a string. The code is in javascript, basically a variable gets a string. I am not sure how to convert the string to the regex. Here is the code var string = “the code”; var regex = /(the |code )/

Convert recursive PHP regex to JavaScript

I need help to replicate this PHP regex in JavaScript: #((?:[^<]|)|(?R))+)# It strips all tags except those inside code tag.It’s not possible. You can’t translate this regex to the JavaScript flavor because

Is it possible to use regex in Javascript onclick event (HTML)?

My question is quite simple but I cannot find the truth It is possible to use regex in Javascript onclick event (HTML)? for example is it possible to show div with different id but a same tag using regex : div s:

What are the limitations of dart compilation to javascript?

I know, that dart is still in technical preview. Dart can also be compiled to JavaScript. But what are the limits of compiling dart to javascript? Dart has to have some specific features or concepts within the language, that can not just be translate

How to replace underscores with spaces using a regex in javascript

How can I replace underscores with spaces using a regex in Javascript? var ZZZ = “This_is_my_name”; If it is a JavaScript code, write this, to have transformed string in ZZZ2: var ZZZ = “This_is_my_name”; var ZZZ2 = ZZZ.replace(/_/g, &

how to get the first and last character of a string using a Regex and Javascript

I need to get the first and the last letter of a string, using a regex in Javascript and I have no Idea how to achieve this. Anyone has an Idea?As the comments indicate, it would be very simple to do it without regexp: var str = “This is my string&qu

For Form Validation, are there any methods other than Regex in javascript?

can anyone tell methods of form validation other than regex in javascript also can anyone suggest any alternate methods without Regex for this following code? function AllowAlphabet(){ if (!frm.alphabet.value.match(/^[a-zA-Z]+$/) && frm.alphabet.v

Regex from Javascript to PHP

I Want to know if there is a tool for converting JavaScript Regex to PHP. I got the following Regex in JAvascript var re = /^(([^()[]\.,;:[email protected]”]+(.[^()[]\.,;:[email protected]”]+)*)|(“.+”))@(([[0-9]{1,3}.[0-9]{1,3}.[0-9]{1

How to check the empty json answer with regex in javascript?

My ajax response returns an empty response (ie with multiple lines of blank spaces) and i want to check that in my success function. How to check for empty json response with regex in javascript? > /^s*$/.test(“foo”) false > /^s*$/.test(

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