Multiline list items with jQuery Mobile

How do I change the color of List Items in Jquery Mobile?

I am just trying to change the background color of all the List items in Jquery mobile on a button click by adding a css class to the list items but its not working here is the fiddle of my work kindly help me to fix this issue. Fiddle function chang

What is the best way to customize items with jquery mobile

When using jQuery Mobile .js along with jQuery Mobile .css, what is the best way to customize the default styling such as a link button? Using jQM, a simple link can be turned into a button by using the following code: <a href="index.html" da

dynamically adding the list item to jQuery Mobile Listview

I am trying to populate a list view using j query mobile My html code isDemo Page <script src="http://

Get the value of the list item with jQuery

How to get value and index of list item onClick event with jQuery? for example:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
  • Item 4

Combine the use of .index() a

classify list items with JQuery

I’m trying to use the JQuery UI Sortable plugin to allow a user to change the order or list items by dragging them with the mouse. The page in question is available here. The relevant JQuery code is in webapp.js $(“#preferences_list”).sortable({

How to scroll to a newly added list item with jquery

I’m appending a new list item and trying to scroll it into view. Here is my HTML:

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