Help with Android programming

How to access / update the Google calendar with Android programming?

I want to access/add/read etc google calender from my Android program. I have tried this, But I want something else. Or, some more example and working code!you can

need help with batch programming

ok, so im trying to make a batch file that creates a serial number like this: x-x-x-x-x only this time I replaced each “x” with %random%.. so my only problem is, I want each random number to be 4 digits not 5, anyone has any idea how can I make

need help with Java programming

I have a homework and after struggling a lot i didn’t succeed to solve it so i ask it here , the question is : we have list of students and their grades in a string.the string contain Student number , Name , LastName, courseName , Grade , and then sp

Need help with Android Emulator Networking

Here is cmd line “C:Progra~2Androidandroid-sdktoolsemulator.exe” -avd Touch -netspeed full -netdelay none -http-proxy localhost:3128 -debug-proxy here is console out when i try to open from emulator: server name ‘localhost’ resol

A little help with my program please (beginner)

I need to write an encryption program and I’m in the middle of the assignment. Listed below are the instructions for this part. How can I tell python to redo the while loop if they don’t enter e,d,or q? My q entry works fine, but as you can see, I ne

substring check help with Android

Can someone please help me with some code I have it is supposed to check that the string being passed is of 2 string and 3 ints which works fine, but if the 1 int is a zero it doesn’t work so if it was CM044 it won’t work, CM450 will work can someone

Help with the program C Executable – Linux

I just recently made the move to Linux, and now looking to program on it as well. However, for some reason I cannot get an executable to work. Here’s what I’ve done: Downloaded Code::Blocks Made a new Console Project in Workspace 1 with C source. Add

glProgramStringARB causing GL_INVALID_OPERATION & hellip or Help with fragment programs

I am trying to write a fragment program that will take a texture and clamp the texels between two values. That is, if the min value is say 0.2 and the max value is 0.6, any texel less than 0.2 will become 0, any texel greater than 0.6 will become 1.0

Haskell – Help with functional programming

Trying to get a feel for haskell. Am a seasoned programmer with PHP, JAVA, VB and many other languages, but am finding haskell slightly more difficult to follow. Can anyone give me an english translation for the following haskell function, to get me

Help with Android LinearLayout or RelativeLayout

I need to create two views programmatically (because I need to access the ondraw of one of the views). For some reason, no matter what I do to add the views to the contentview, they don’t show up vertically stacked, one below the other. I can do it j

need help with my program

I wrote a java program but I cant run as I want. The user enter string like DDD-DDDD-DDD and program returns SSN for every D but my program returns only SSN for one D. if ı enter DDD , it returns invalid SSN. import java.util.Scanner; import java.lan

Help with Java programming: problem with the direction of the instruction If

I have worked up a code for testing leap years but wish to add an amendment to dictate if it is in the past or not. Toward that end I have added a condition that if the input happens to be 2012 or greater then the present tense proves true otherwise

Help with C ++ programming! It will not work?

The first column contains the numbers 1 through 5 Subsequent columns contain the result of multiplying the number in the First column by the numbers 0 through 9 Okay I got this far but its not working and i have no clue why! if you can point me in th

Download with Android

I’m a beginner with android programming. I’m having some problem with downloading a file with android I used Httpost, Httpget and hhtpurlconnection the two first aren’t working at all and the the third can’t download tow times I want a way to downloa

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