Convert Android wav file with SOX

How to play .wav files with Java

I am trying to play a *.wav file with Java. I want it to do the following: When a button is pressed, play a short beep sound. I have googled it, but most of the code wasn’t working. Can someone give me a simple code snippet to play a .wav file?Finall

Cut audio files with Sox in milliseconds

Is there a way to trim the end of a file with SoX, in milliseconds, i have tried this: sox tracks5_7.mp3 ntracks5_7.mp3 trim 2 2.195 But, it just says End position is after expected end of audio Even though the file is actually that long. So im tr

How to convert the .wav file into the byte array without modifying the .wav quality in Android?

Somehow I’m creating the .wav file from the android device and storing it on my SD-card. Now I want to send that .wav file to a Java webservice.I need to do some processing on that .wav file in some java application. So what I need to do is send the

How to read the .wav file with JButton?

So recently, I have been trying to make my own Mario game (for myself, possibly to show my other friends). Games include buttons. When I click on a button in other games, it plays a sound. I would love to add that feature to my game. The problem is,

Saving and saving .wav files with TMediaPlayer (Delphi 2010)

well im really new to the delphi world. Right now im using the TMediaPlayer to record some sound and save those. I made a click event for the record button in the TMediaPlayer which executes a SaveFileDialog. The user should type in some filename he

Read data from a single channel from a WAV stereo WAV file with 24-bit Python data

I want to read the left and rigth channel. import wave origAudio =“6980.wav”,”r”) frameRate = origAudio.getframerate() nChannels = origAudio.getnchannels() sampWidth = origAudio.getsampwidth() nbframe=origAudio.getnframes()

Converting a utf8 file with fast-csv module

I have a file with name “file.csv”, this file have data below: ID Full name 1 Steve 2 John 3 nam 4 Hạnh 5 Thủy I use segment code below to parse this file to json file. But my results is not utf8 Code: var fastCsv = require(“fast-csv”)

Play a wav file with Haskell

Is there a simple, direct way to play a WAV file from Haskell using some library and possibly such that I play many sounds at once? I’m aware of OpenAL but I’m not writing some advanced audio synthesis program, I just want to play some sounds for a l

Unable to create multiple Android dex files with Ant from external jars

I’m developing an Android app that requires multiple libraries (for Facebook, Google Maps v2 and Quickblox among others), resulting in a method amount overflow that goes over the 64K limit: Unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536 C

artifacts when mixing wav files with libsndfile

I am trying to implement a piece of software that mix piano samples. I want to create a wav file containing one sound, the other and a mix of both. I trunc the samples at one second so I have the following : [one second of sound 1][one second of soun

How to convert a text file with a comma-separated text line into a file with each field separated by commas on a new line

I’m using an old Sun Solaris 2.5.1. I have several files with l line of comma separated data fields that I need converted to each field on a new line. There are a variable amount of fields in each file. i.e. #cat recipe1 299834,43399,PRODUCT NAME HER

Reads and writes the stereo .wav file with python + metadatas

What’s the easiest way to read and write a stereo .wav file in Python ? Should I use ? Should I use a 2-dimension array (how ?) in order to have x[n,j] where j is the channel number? I also want to read/write metadatas stored in

How to browse the Android class files (with the attached source code) in Eclipse?

Usually, I use F3 shortcut to navigate to a variable/method’s definition in a project. For an Android project, sometimes I want to navigate to a class defined in Android SDK, say Activity, the Eclipse will open the class file for me since I attached

processing an audio wav file with C

I’m working on processing the amplitude of a wav file and scaling it by some decimal factor. I’m trying to wrap my head around how to read and re-write the file in a memory-efficient way while also trying to tackle the nuances of the language (I’m ne

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