Adieu 2017

I have a very bad cold these days. It makes me feel down & want to skip work. You still get this feeling as a professional developer, surprise! Guess I’ve got some growing up to do.

In this post, I will summarize my year 2017. It was a very fruitful year, with mostly right choices.

1. Changing Company

I changed my company in July. I used to work in a 30+ people company developing an educational robot based on Android, now I’m working in a 150+ people company specializing in mobile applications. I was very worried before changing the company, but it was a successful transition. Now I have great colleagues around me who inspire me to do more, always.

2. Focusing Android

I was divided on programming Android as a profession. Everyone around me seemed to focus on Machine Learning & Data Science. Other programming professions seemed more challenging and valuable to me. However, around September I decided to focus on Android for the future. Main reason was that I realized that I still had lots to learn about Android & programming in general. Now I focus my interests on solving architectural problems & Android graphics programming. Feels good to focus!

3. Studying

I took 3~4 MOOC courses this year, and I am taking one right now. I read 3 books related to programming. Also, I studied Kotlin, Android Architecture Components, MVVM & MVP patterns, RxJava 1 & 2, Android Graphics Architecture, OpenGL this year. Next year, I plan to study more Functional Programming(maybe Kategory?), Unit Testing, MVI pattern etc.. Also more OOP & work related topics, of course.

4. Health

Around October I started doing CrossFit. Although I only did it for a month, it opened my eyes for the need to exercise. Now I hit the gym regularly, about twice a week(I should go more). I want to be more fit, for my long-term health, and to develop certain kind of physical attractiveness.

This is all for now. May 2018 be fruitful as 2017. Adieu!

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