jQuery slider not working with website

I’m trying to implement a jQuery slider into my website to make a projects page. I’ve implemented the jQuery and code and somehow it isn’t working. However, when I view “inspect-element” using Google Chrome and I use the arrow keys to move the slider it shows the numbers moving every-time its being pressed. So that means the slider is working, but at the same time its not moving the images.


Could it be because I am using WordPress?

This is the code from inspect element showing me that its -left 920px, and when the left or right arrow key is pressed down, it moves. But for some odd reason the image isn’t moving which I can’t seem to figure out why.

Also here’s some source code.

$(function() { // Wow, that's it? $('#slider').unslider(); });

I’m using this slider http://unslider.com/

Problem courtesy of: Monstr92

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