Creating a response document via a button

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I have two forms, Organisation and Contact. Contact is a response to Org, and each form has an XPage where the form can be filled in, saved etc. When opening edit_contact.xsp directly and creating a document (not as a response to an org), everything works fine.

On edit_org.xsp, I have a button with 2 events. The first copies some values into sessionScope so I can inherit them into the Contact. The second is a “Create Response Document” event which creates a new response with the parent ID being the current org document, and sends the user to edit_contact.xsp. Pressing the button changes XPage correctly and the field inheritance works fine, but pressing “Submit” on the Contact form doesn’t save anything, and no document is created.

This exact same setup works 100% as desired in another database, I have no idea why it won’t work properly here. Is there an obscure setting somewhere I am missing?

                    <![CDATA[#{javascript:var doc = document1.getDocument();

                    sessionScope.PFirstName = doc.getFirstItem("P_Firstname").getValueString();
                    sessionScope.PSurname = doc.getFirstItem("P_Surname").getValueString();
                    sessionScope.PFamily = doc.getFirstItem("P_Family").getValueString();
                    sessionScope.PDOB = doc.getFirstItem("P_DOB")
                    sessionScope.PAGE = doc.getFirstItem("P_Age").getValueString();}]]



Here is a link that shows what I am trying to do (minus the field inheritance):

Currently the forms and views all work, but the document created with the “Response” form appears not to be a response document – it has no $REF field. This setup works perfectly in a different database – what is going on?


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