Convert base64 string to image with javascript

MVC Convert Base64 String to Image, but & hellip; System.FormatException

My controller is getting an uploaded image in the request object in this code: [HttpPost] public string Upload() { string fileName = Request.Form[“FileName”]; string description = Request.Form[“Description”]; string image = Request.For

Phonegap Plugin: How to Convert Base64 String to a PNG Image in Android

Android does not allow native apps like Phonegap-based apps to write binary files. A common application is converting Base64 Strings to Images. So, how do you go about this problem?The solution; This plugin that converts a Base64 PNG String and gener

Convert canvas to image with JavaScript

This question already has an answer here: Why does canvas.toDataURL() throw a security exception? 9 answers I want to convert canvas to an image with JavaScript, When i try to canvas.toDataURL(“image/png”); it gives error SecurityError: The oper

Conversion of base64 String to image in Android

Is there any way that I can convert a base64 String to image in Android? I am receiving this base64 String in a xml from the server connected through socket.There are now Base64 utilities in Android, but they only became available with Android OS 2.2

Resize images with javascript before assigning them to an img label

I’m very very new on HTML and CSS development. I have a HTML page with an img tag. This tag will hold some images. These images has different sizes. I set up a width and height to img tag using CSS. All images will be shown using JavaScript. May I ne

How to manipulate the SVG background image with JavaScript

I want to remove the viewBox property of the root svg element in a background image with JavaScript. How would I do that? .box { background-image: url(; background-repeat: no-repeat; back

Convert base64 to an image file?

I am trying to convert my base64 image string to an image file. This is my Base64 string: Using following code to convert it into an image file: function base64_to_jpeg( $base64_string, $output_file ) { $ifp = fopen( $out

Detect could not load the image with javascript

Is it possible to detect when an image doesn’t load with JavaScript? I plan on using base64 for images, but browsers such as IE 6 and 7 doesn’t support it. So instead of displaying a red x, I’d like to detect such an error, then display a non base64

How to get the Base64 string ZIP file in Javascript?

I am trying to get the compressed ZIP file back in Javascript. I am able to convert the zip file into Base64 String format. (Zip file is in Server) Here is my try (at Server Side) System.IO.FileStream fs = new System.IO.FileStream(SourceFilePath + “A

Convert Base64 String to PNG file

I am trying to convert a base64 encoded string to an image object using the method below. function gotFileWriter(writer) { console.log(‘Starting gotFileWriter’); writer.onwrite = function (evt) { console.log(“write success”); }; $.mobile.showPag

Symfony: using asset images with javascript?

in flat php code i can just write this line like that and I get the images I want imageString = “<image src="" + pieceFileName + "" class="Piece clickElement " + rankName + " " + fileName + ""/

String to object with JavaScript

I would like to know the most efficient way to convert this string into an object in JavaScript. This is the ugly string: “”date”,”initRegistrations”,”registrations”,”finalizeRegistrations”rn”03

How to update the image with JavaScript and ASP.NET MVC?

I use ShowImage() method of the Home controller to show the image generated on fly. HTML Now I would like to execute some action with AJAX

Convert base64 string to JSON in Android


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