Apple Makes $29 Battery Replacements Available Immediately for iPhone 6 and Later

Apple today announced it is making its reduced $29 battery replacements available immediately for iPhone 6 and later.

Apple previously said it would offer the cheaper battery replacements in late January, but it has removed that timeframe from its
letter to customers , and has confirmed immediate availability in a statement to


We expected to need more time to be ready, but we are happy to offer our customers the lower pricing right away. Initial supplies of some replacement batteries may be limited.

Apple normally charges $79 for out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacements, but it reduced the price by $50 following awave of controversy over its process of dynamically managing the peak performance of some older iPhone models with degraded batteries to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Given a lack of nuance in some mainstream coverage, many headlines have fueled speculation that Apple artificially slows down older iPhones to drive customers to upgrade to newer models, but the actual issue was Apple’s lack of transparency about the power management changes it made starting in iOS 10.2.1.

When it released iOS 10.2.1 in February, Apple only vaguely said itmade “improvements” to reduce occurrences of unexpected shutdowns. It only chose to explain that the changes it made may result in temporary slowdowns on some older iPhone models with degraded batteries after controversy recently reignited.

The issue came into the spotlight in early December after a Reddit user claimed that his iPhone’s performance significantly increased after replacing the device’s battery . Soon after, analysis ofiPhone 6s benchmarks visualized an apparent link between lower performance and degraded battery health.

Apple said it will release an iOS update in early 2018 with new features that give users more visibility into the health of their iPhone’s battery, so they can see for themselves if its condition is affecting performance. It’s unclear if Apple will ever let customers opt out of the power management process.

Apple said the cheaper iPhone battery replacements will be available worldwide through December 2018, and it will share more details soon.

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