Can I replace custom tokens in PDF by PHP

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I am creating a small application which manipulates PDF file as follows

  • A customer creates a CSV to a given specification that contains the

    name,address, country, ink type, station to use. This CSV could also include customized tokens which replace tokens that are written

    within their PDF Document.

  • A customer creates a PDF document it could be a standard document that’s exactly the same that gets sent to everyone in their CSV file, or it could contain special tokens which are replace with specific contacts details within the CSV.

I’ve briefly looked at
and FPDF, but I was wondering what specific technique I’d use to achieve this.

I was thinking I’d insert an address tokens string where I want the address to go, and then use some function to update those tokens in the PDF document.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have php experience, but not with editing / generating pdf documents from php.


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