A look back at 2017

综合技术 2017-12-30

Once in a while I do an exception and use this blog to write some personal thoughts instead of trying to be a wise geek. Year ago I published “A look back at 2016”
and now it is a time to do an annual update. There are plenty of achievements that I would love to brag about and even more goals that I want to commit myself to in next year.


Being a part of a well-established company is a great opportunity to gain a new experience and learn a lot, but I have never thought that working for Engine Creative
can give me that much. For a first time in my life I build an web app using a Vue.js
, I learned basics of Laravel
, created a VR experience using A-Frame
, made an AR thing using Wikitude
and went through my first steps to become a game developer using Unity
. I embraced basics of C# and paradigms related with it’s ecosystem. Having a previous experience with React
gave me a great starting point to build my first cross-browser mobile app using a React Native
. Thanks a ton Engine Creative!

My open source contribution exploded in 2017.Siema — lightweight and simple carousel in pure JavaScript that I released about a year ago just hit 1800 stars on Github
!Snippet generator that I initially build just for myself as a tiny day-to-day helper turned up to be well adopted and very likely used by developers around the world. It has been featured by top industry websites and recommended in multiple podcasts and tutorials. With around 15000 downloads my very own Bimbo Theme
for Visual Studio Code received an amazing feedback from users with vision impairments! Such a cool feeling to help thousands people in resolving their everyday problems by open source.

Another great reason for a pride is the website that you are on now. Number of unique visitors of this website went totally crazy. I’m really happy about some discussions that took place under some of my articles. It motivates me to keep writing a good stuff for my readers. Thank you all.

There is no rose without a thorn — I had few professional downfalls too. I experienced a first burnout and strong imposter syndrome. It happened in parallel with some big personal changes. Luckily I managed to give myself a little bit of time off and everything is back to normal. I realized that not every single tweet about new JavaScript framework is worth of my attention. Not every single plugin needs to be added to my tool-chain, nor every Medium article must be read. I’m back, I’m productive and happy.


Crazy time! Lots of finished chapters just to begin a whole new book! At the first months of a year — nightmare! End of a year — I have never been happier in my whole life. Yes! I’m a truly happy man!

Meet Zuzia. The most beautiful human being — inside and outside. I’m a lucky man because she has decided to share her life with me and thats probably the best thing that has ever happened to myself. Full of incredible passion and talent, caring, thoughtful, inspiring and on top of it — incredibly beautiful woman! Thank you Zuzia :-*

One of the biggest achievements was a big drop of my weight. Exactly a year ago when I visited my parents during the Christmas time I was 10 kilograms (1.6 stone) heavier than I currently am. This is a huge difference. Physically I feel much better than ever before. I’m able to run a decent distance and cycle like never before. Keto diet
is not the best fit for all obese people, but I’m extremely glad that I managed to apply it’s rules to my daily routine and even start enjoying it.

Another big thing — hidden passion to photography is slowly coming out of the shadows and I’m really pumped about more and more cool looking photos that I take. Recently I invested in really great Sony A7R III
and couple of still lenses ( 85mm 1.4 G
and 35mm 2.8
by Carl Zeiss). Photography is one of the most relaxing things for my brain. I’m really glad that I dug it out.

An incredibly big personal achievement — balance. I found a balance between my professional and my personal life. Balance between things that I need and things that would be nice to have. Balance between cheat meals and healthy quality food. Balance between a crazy party and a time spent with my girlfriend and best friends and a bottle of wine. Sounds trivially but actually it made a big difference to professional and personal side of myself.

In 2018 I will…

This post would be empty without some commitments to things that I’m planing for next year. I won’t slow down for sure. I’m more than happy to list below few of the things that are on my roadmap, but few more personal ones let me share with you at the right time.

  • new programming language — C++ or Go
  • move out to Birmingham and move my career forward
  • Sri Lanka
  • take more photos

Thank you all for reading. I wish you all wonderful 2018!


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