CSS margin issue

Sorry about the simple question..

do anyone know why my images on the button section of this page are not aligning correctly. the image on the far right seems to be pushed down. Doesn’t anyone know what’s causing this problem?

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Problem courtesy of: NewBoy


You need to remove any spaces or new line between


  • , so in the HTML mode of your CMS it should literally read
  • and not something like:

  • If that’s somehow not possible, contact the developers / forum of your CMS and ask there for help.

    Solution courtesy of: Tom Wijsman


    This is not valid html. You need to fix that first. Run your page through a validator and correct the “Element div not allowed as child of element ul in this context” errors.

    Discussion courtesy of: rainecc

    Lots of whitespaces above each

  • . Remove them and it should work fine. Use Chrome Developer Tools or Firebug to check ’em out.

    Discussion courtesy of: maxxon15

    You have a bunch of &nbsp ‘s that aren’t in tags. Looks like that seem to be the issue after removing them via Firebug. Remove them and it should line up.

    Discussion courtesy of: Chords

    There is a lot of white space after deleting it:

    Discussion courtesy of: Eric Fortis

    When I inspect the page I see extra html elements inserted into the document

  • The extra “nbsp”s are throwing off the alignment.

    Discussion courtesy of: Nunery

    This recipe can be found in it’s original form on Stack Over Flow .

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