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Tomcat vs. Pivotal tc Server

Could anyone advise as to the pros and cons of using Pivotal tc Server as opposed to just vanilla Tomcat for a Spring-MVC Java web application? Could find very little about Pivotal other than on their website and the fact it's packaged as part of the

Log in to the website and retrieve the data from the site. Python

I'm trying to log in into SureTrader activeweb (a broker website for stock trading). then I want to fetch real-time stock data from the website. I have tried to do this using urllib, urllib2, mechanize, beautifulsoup and requests, but i can't find a

Grading a site with python3.6. I can not go past the login page

The html form code for the site:


Send advance notice to the client on a TLS session using SslStream

I'm trying to create a custom FTP server with TcpListener over SSL. When closing the connections the client generates an error because when the socket gets shutdown is not sending close-notify alert. Which I have read is not considered in .NET TLS im

Array_search () in the session table

I tried to use the function array_search but can't get it work.. I got a php session with an array. array(2) { [0]=> array(6) { ["ProductId"]=>string(2) "34" ["ProductName"]=>string(9) "Best ever" ["Pr

When redirecting to another controller session, does not work in the ID-code

i am stuck here when i sign up and want to redirect controller to another controller for showing dashboard then that time created session does not working on redirected controller. here is my sample code . My Sign up controller : class Signup extends

How to alert a user that the session will soon expire in ASP.NET?

I have a scenario where I would like to display a message to the users of my application alerting them that his session will expire soon and that he should save his work to avoid the loss of his work. This would be a typical scenario where a user is

CodeIgniter How to access session variables in twig models

somebody can help me please. I'm new in CodeIgniter and Twig. I have declared in my controller the following: $datasession = array( 'nick' => $sess_nick, 'login_ok' => true ); $this->session->set_userdata($datasession); redirect('app'); //app

Session variable does not persist after interrupt

I have tried to implement a switch between a basic and advanced viewing mode on a show page, essentially switching a basic/advanced div on/off through a link. In the controller I store the viewing-mode in a session variable (using a similar approach

Sessions will be null when you want to use the download managers. Like [Internet Download Manager] to download a file

my code in page_load is like below : if (Session["User_ID"] != null) { GO FOR DOWNLOAD FILES } the User_ID session will be create when a user logins to my web site. after user's login when he wants to download a file with Internet Download Manag

PHP Single Sign On (SSO) Generating a New Session ID

I am trying to create a single sign on process. The method I have implemented makes use of storing session data in a database. When a new user comes to the website ( a table of authentication is checked. As this is their first visit

Asp.Net MVC and Session

I'd like to construct an object in different steps in an mvc application, each step being a different page. The sort of thing you'd store in Session in a quick Web.Forms application. Reading about it, Session doesn't seem to me as something v

How do I create an advanced custom search form in django admin and use django admins change view list

How can I create an advanced custom search form in Django admin and use Django admins change list display. My advanced search form has several fields, including: region city province class PropertyAdmin(ModelAdmin): change_list_template = "

The variable of my session is always null

I'm creating a movie ticket reservation project. I want to get username from page1 and display it on page2 (using session variable) Page1: string uname = TextBox1.Text; Session["UName"] = uname; Session.Timeout = 30; Page2: if ((string)Session[&


vue插件的制作—-基于Vue和PHP打造前后端分离的通用管理系统(三)... 要使用Vue,基础要会Vue组件,其实Vue还支持看起来技术含量更高的插件。组件和插件的区别,因人而异。不过组件的教程多,插件却少的很。本篇从组件入门,深入展示插件的用法。 Vue组件的制作,非常简单,这里我们先做一个管理框架页面组件。 Vue组件 把前面写的界面...
Getting Started In Public Speaking: Global Diversi... As a mentor, I felt that the day was nicely structured; there were videos which were shown at all of the events and activities based around coming up ...
为什么我们的业务适合用Node? 本文从业务场景来谈谈为什么选择Node,以及前端写后端代码需要补足的短板。 这些日子一直在做Node方面的尝试,或多或少会收到周围的异样的目光甚至背后的质疑,于是促使我好好思考为什么我在做Node。网上搜下「为什么要用Node」,找到的文章多数是介绍Node多么多么牛逼,无非是从Node本...
Do not echo things with certain characters I have a php program that looks at a log file and prints it to a page (code below). I don't want the user of said website to be able to look at an...
django项目工程搭建 一.环境安装 1.1创建虚拟环境 mkvirtualenv django_py3 -p python3 1.2安装django pip install django==1.11.11 注意需要联网 二.创建工程 2.1 创建工程的命令 django-admin...