How to Transfer Contacts from One Skype Account to Another

You have opened a new Skype account to chat with only a few selected friends and looking for a hassle-free way to access some of your contacts from the old account. Well, I was in the same boat as you a few days back. Though not so upfront, there is a way to transfer contacts from one Skype account to another.

First and foremost, you can’t move your contacts from old Skype account to the new one using the mobile app. You will have to use Skype for the web to transfer contacts between two accounts. Just ensure both accounts appear in each other’s contact list.

How to Move Contacts from One Skype Account to Another

Note:During the process, if you are working in the single browser, you will have to sign-in and sign-out of both the accounts multiple times. Hence, it would be better to open two different web browsers, i.e. Firefox and Chrome and sign-in to both the new and old accounts to make switching smooth sailing.

Step #1.First off, you need to open in two different browsers and sign into both the accounts.

Step #2.Now, in your old account, you have to search Skype name or email address of the account you wish to send contacts to.

Step #3.Now, choose your account from the search results and then select the Add to Contacts button.

Step #4.In your new account, check out the contact request from yourself. You need to select the Accept button.

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Step #5.Up next, Now, you have to start the coversation with your new account → In the message box, you have to select Send contacts button.

Step #6.Select the contacts you would like to send to your other account → Click on the Send button.

Step #7.In your new account, under the name of each contact, select Add to contact and then select the Add to Contacts button .

That’s it! You have now successfully added your contacts to your contact list.

Wrap up:

Skype remains a top video-calling app for professionals. Though it’s seen tough competition from Facebook Messenger and FaceTime, it continues to be crowd’s favorite. Let us know your feedback about it and the features you like most in it.

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