PHP Find and replace function

I need a regular expression find and replace that I’m a little stuck on.

Basically, I have a table with several

‘s in each

i have a

I need to copy the width and height from the
and place it in the

I have been doing this manually, however the number of

‘s is growing and its taking to long.

I just need help doing the actual find and replace

any ideas?

— EDIT —

Thanks for the advice, Think I will go down the dom route as I know it better. I have done reg ex before which did a task which was a much more simple idea so just went from there. You’ve saved me some time

You should consider using the

class provided by PHP.



// Find the TD elements.
$tds = $doc->getElementsByTagName('td');

// If TD elements were found, loop through each one of them.
if ( ! empty($tds) )
  foreach ( $tds as $td )
    // Find the IMG elements located inside that TD
    $imgs = $td->getElementsByTagName('img');

    // Find the style attribute of the TD just in case one already exists.
    $style = $td->getAttribute('style');

    // I'm not sure what to do if multiple images are found so instead of looping to many, make sure only 1 is found.
    if ( ! empty($imgs) && count($imgs) == 1 )
      $height = $imgs->item(0)->getAttribute('height');
      $width = $imgs->item(0)->getAttribute('width');

      if ( ! empty($height) )
        $style .= 'height:' . $height . 'px;';

      if ( ! empty($width) )
        $style .= 'width:' . $width . 'px;';

      // Update the style attribute of the TD element.
      $td->setAttribute('style', $style);

// Save the HTML document.





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