For each NullPointerException loop

For each / next loop does not work across all worksheets

I have created follwoing code. The macro should simply multiply the cells A2:G3000 by 1 so that the format changes from a text to a number. The macro I wrote does so, but only for the active worksheet.. I used the For Each/Next loop as I learned it.

For each help loop

i am looping through a list of strings, in psudocode this is how for (each node in my list) if the node.getBooleanVariable == true add one to my counter else take one away from my counter if my counter = another counter print node.getStringVariable()

Does a Do-While loop break a For Each-Next loop?

I’m trying to make sure that a range has visible rows before I act on those visible rows (delete them) because if I try to act on a filtered range when there aren’t any visible rows there, I’ll get an error. Dim lastrow As Integer Dim ws as Worksheet

How do I edit channels using a & ldquo; For Each & rdquo; loop?

‘Why doesn’t this work? Dim myStrings As String() = New String() {string1, string2, string3,} For Each s As String In myStrings If String.IsNullOrEmpty(s) Then s = “” End If s = “-” & s.Trim() & “-” Next If string1 co

Java, How do I get the current index / key in & ldquo; for each & rdquo; loop

This question already has an answer here: Is there a way to access an iteration-counter in Java’s for-each loop? 13 answers In Java, How do I get the current index for the element in Java? for (Element song: question){ song.currentIndex(); //<<want

Access to tables and use for each php loop

I need some help with some code I am working on. The code is kinda of a mail merge type of system that uses an xml document, and swaps out some words for variables with php. I am building an array of data, shown below. $emaillist = array( array(‘fnam

for each PHP loop, insert into SQL not inserting data

$student_info = array( ‘student_number’=>$_POST[‘student_number’], ‘student_first_name’=>$_POST[‘student_first_name’], ‘student_middle_name’=>$_POST[‘student_middle_name’], ‘student_last_name’=>$_POST[‘student_last_name’]); foreach($student_in

For each function, loop through specifically named worksheets

Im trying to figure out the right way to code a macro that goes through 12 worksheets with specific names (Jan,Feb,…,Dec). I thought maybe for each function will be a good choice so i tried the following: dim crntSht as worksheet set crntsht=(“Jan&

How does it subtract the .Value from Offset.Value from any ‘i’ in a For Each? Loop.

I have the following code written in VBA: For Each W In Range(“B5:B15000”).Cells If W.Offset(-1, 0).Value – W.Value > 1.5 Then W.Offset(-1, 0).EntireRow.Delete End If Next W The intent is to iterate down ‘Column B’, between Rows 5 and 15000,

Compilation error with & ldquo; for each & rdquo; loop in C ++ VS2010

I was working on a little C++ project at home, which I brought into school to show my teacher. At home I have Visual Studio 2012, whereas the school computers have Visual Studio 2010. In my code, from home, I had a for loop, like so, which compiled:

XSLT: How to leave a & ldquo; for-each & rdquo; loop if a condition is satisfied

How do I exit a “for-each” loop in XSL if a condition is satisfied? e.g. Suppose I want the XSL to display the address of apartments which have (2 bedrooms and rent <= 1000), in the following XML, the following XSL code: <xsl:for-each sele

For each subsequent loop unexpectedly jumping certain entries

I have been coding a macro in Excel that scans through a list of records, finds any cells with “CHOFF” in the contents, copying the row that contains it, and pasting those cells into another sheet. It is part of a longer code that formats a repo

How to create one for each PHP loop to define variables from table data

Total beginner with PHP: I have an form based on table data that the user can add any number of rows too, currently I’m calling the data in my .php like: $para01 = $_POST[“1_0”]; $url01 = $_POST[“1_1”]; $para02 = $_POST[“2_0”

VBA in the For Each Item loop, how do I access the ID of the item?

I am going to write some code to illustrate the question. For Each oElement in myArray MsgBox oElement Next This would print a message saying the value of “oElement” contained in “myArray” as many times as there is elements in “my

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